Thursday, March 4, 2021
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AATIP head: 'Pentagon has more evidence'

Posted on Saturday, 11 July, 2020 | Comment icon 67 comments

The recently declassified videos are just the tip of the iceberg. Image Credit: US Air Force
The former head of the US government's secretive UFO research program has recently spoken out.
Back in April, the US government officially declassified three video clips of UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) encountered by US Navy pilots during two separate encounters.

While the clips had been previously leaked and published by the New York Times and Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science, the Pentagon's decision to not only release them but to also confirm that the objects were genuinely 'unidentified' was seen as a significant step forward in the search for the truth about what these objects are and where they come from.

Now Luis Elizondo, the former leader of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) who helped to facilitate the release of the videos, has indicated that the Pentagon is still in possession of "a lot more" evidence of unidentified aerial phenomena.

"Am I surprised that the government acknowledged the validity and the veracity of those videos? Not at all," he told Newsweek. "It was a matter of time, they didn't have a choice because ultimately, the paper trail goes back to the authenticity of these videos."
"And anybody who does a little bit of research will recognize that they are real."

"I knew they were genuine and there's also a lot more the Pentagon currently has, unfortunately remain highly classified."

As for the origin and nature of these objects, Elizondo remains uncertain.

"I think healthy skepticism is important," he said. "I think the more data points we get, the better. I would just encourage those who jump to conclusions prematurely to take in all the data that's available, because it's not just eyewitness testimony."

Source: Newsweek | Comments (67)

Tags: UFO

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #58 Posted by Piney on 14 July, 2020, 19:40
It's not opinion. It's science Think about gravitational†waves as "rough seas" in spacetime.† Read this
Comment icon #59 Posted by astrobeing on 14 July, 2020, 21:03
That of course does not change their meaning.
Comment icon #60 Posted by preacherman76 on 15 July, 2020, 9:33
I canít say I know much about the science of anti gravity. I can say that if it doesnít exist then they found a way to hover and fly a†craft with no noise.†
Comment icon #61 Posted by Piney on 15 July, 2020, 9:36
I'd have to see proof of that.†
Comment icon #62 Posted by preacherman76 on 15 July, 2020, 12:30
Canít say I blame you. Iíd want to see proof of that as well if I were in your shoes.†Itís a hell of a thing to see.†
Comment icon #63 Posted by Hazzard on 15 July, 2020, 18:06
Just because you didnt hear anything doesnt mean there was no noice.
Comment icon #64 Posted by preacherman76 on 15 July, 2020, 20:26
This thing descend so close to us Iím pretty sure I could have hit it with a rock. I didnít hear anything because there wasnít anything to hear.†
Comment icon #65 Posted by Trelane on 15 July, 2020, 23:37
If he was such a high ranking official as claimed, wouldn't he have this "extra" evidence too? I mean he clearly circumvented Security SOPs and protocols to obtain and (unauthorized) release the videos for public consumption.
Comment icon #66 Posted by Free99 on 23 July, 2020, 5:26
It really wouldnít take much for a country to pour money into this type of technology. Seen by most as UFOís†from outer space but what if itís just a drone from somewhere else on this planet? Between solar energy and fuel cells and a little bit of wind who knows.
Comment icon #67 Posted by SeekTruth on 23 July, 2020, 12:40
Wouldn't take much to develop the capabilities to make right angle turns,†and instantaneously reaching hyper sonic speeds without creating a sonic boom?

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