Friday, August 6, 2021
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Loeb: 'ET hates grass and thinks we're stupid'

Posted on Sunday, 7 February, 2021 | Comment icon 15 comments

Are aliens deliberately staying away from us ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Jim Trottier
Astronomer Avi Loeb has spoken out on why he thinks intelligent aliens may not be visiting the Earth.
Loeb, who recently generated a lot of press due to his theory that interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua was built by extraterrestrials, has also been sharing his personal views on the topic of alien visitation.

In particular, he shared why he believed that the Earth would not be a popular destination for ET.

"The most common stars in the galaxy are dwarf stars," he told The Daily Star. "Most stars are about a tenth of the mass of the Sun and they are also twice cooler than the Sun so they are red."

"They emit mostly infrared radiation and if there is life on planets next to them... that life will have infrared eyes and the grass will not be green on those planets it will be dark red."
"So if you think about interstellar travel agents, they will not market the Earth as a desirable destination because for the infrared eyes of most of the creatures in the Milky Way the green grass is not particularly appealing, they want dark red grass so this could be an explanation for Fermi's Paradox why they don't come to visit us."

Loeb also believes that our (lack of) intelligence could be a contributing factor.

"It's possible that we are not that attractive and we are not very interesting in terms of our intelligence," he said. "For some reason humans do not cooperate and that's really unfortunate, and it's not a sign of intelligence so I can imagine a much smarter kid on the block."

What we should do, he argues, is set up UFO listening posts in areas with a lot of sightings.

"We should invest a relatively small sum of money, it will not cost much, in deploying the best instruments we have now in the same sites from where the reports came and monitor the environment for a long enough time," he said.

Given that he doesn't believe anyone would want to come here, however, such a suggestion seems somewhat contradictory.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (15)

Tags: Extraterrestrial

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by ercbreeze on 8 February, 2021, 5:39
Red dwarfs probably can't support vegetation . . . there goes that theory! ;-)
Comment icon #7 Posted by Abramelin on 8 February, 2021, 14:26
Not so quick with that conclusion:
Comment icon #8 Posted by Myles on 8 February, 2021, 15:59
Man, Loeb is an idiot. The color of some grass would stop aliens from coming here? That's not a smart idea to share. We are not interesting enough for aliens to visit. That is also dumb. It's possible that humans are in the top 1% of all creatures in the universe when it comes to intelligence.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Trelane on 8 February, 2021, 17:53
I find this an unfortunate commentary from Dr. Loeb. It really tells more of his personal beliefs about humanity and the Earth than an objective proposal covering alien life. The passive virtue signaling some have been engaging in lately is pretty sad.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Orphalesion on 8 February, 2021, 18:01
That just seems this self-hating philosophy that sometimes comes up when people talk about why extraterrestrials haven't talked to us yet, because humanity is the barbarians/orcs of the galaxy and all the other species are beautiful, wise, Space-Galadriels who only know love and empathy and don't have any wars in their history and never even thought about harming the environment of other planets. So that's why they don't talk to us, because we're trash. It's the same nonsense as viewing every potential extraterrestrial civilization as a horde of monsters who will come to enslave and eat us, ju... [More]
Comment icon #11 Posted by Myles on 8 February, 2021, 18:06
Maybe worse. To me, the authors ramblings are insignificant because I don't think we've ever been visited by aliens and it's likely we never will be.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Abramelin on 8 February, 2021, 22:28
Following Loeb's reasoning, it's not us who are stupid, but it's the aliens. However, I think it was Loeb himself who had a mental meltdown.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hyperionxvii on 10 February, 2021, 11:00
"Oumuamua was built by extraterrestrials" Sure. When you're a species zipping around the galaxy faster than light, the first thing you're going to do is make space rocks, out of... rocks. I mean when you're not busy visiting earth and making pyramids out of... stones. "the grass will not be green on those planets it will be dark red." Well, there you go, that's why Egypt got the alien built pyramids, there's only sand there, no grass.
Comment icon #14 Posted by psyche101 on 10 February, 2021, 11:31
Now there's a kook in the making. Looking to fill the hole left by Friedman perhaps?
Comment icon #15 Posted by Poncho_Peanatus on 22 March, 2021, 15:07
is this Avi Loeb even real? this sound more like a joke.

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