Thursday, January 27, 2022
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Crab-like 'humanoid' appears in weird footage

April 25, 2021 | Comment icon 59 comments

What exactly is this thing ? Image Credit: YouTube / Tales From Out There
A strange, scuttling 'humanoid' has been recorded in a video that has been doing the rounds this week.
A fair number of strange stories, pictures and videos have emerged from Latin America over the years and this latest clip - which was allegedly filmed in Costa Rica - is no exception.

As is often the case with videos like this, very little is known about the origins of the clip, the circumstances surrounding the recording or exactly when it was taken.

All we know is that it was originally posted up on Reddit by a user named 'u/fit_then_fat'.
The footage itself shows a dog being spooked by what looks like a crab-like creature (described as a 'humanoid') that scuttles across the ground in an eerie, unnatural manner.

It would be fair to regard this video with a particularly large pinch of salt, especially given the potential for it to be a hoax created either using computer graphics or some sort of puppetry.

It's also possible that the clip shows an actual person performing a crab walk.

You can check out the video for yourself below - what do you think ?

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #50 Posted by Mattacaster 9 months ago Reminds me of this thing from Mummenschanz from the muppet show. Creepy.
Comment icon #51 Posted by llegendary 9 months ago
Took 1 second for my brain to figure out that it was a Boston Dynamics robot dog.  
Comment icon #52 Posted by Timothy 9 months ago
Sorry, but your brain got it wrong... Definitely not Spot.
Comment icon #53 Posted by Nobu 8 months ago
Trust the dog. The dog was ok with it until it started moving. 
Comment icon #54 Posted by Timothy 8 months ago
It’s actually a pretty normal dog reaction to humans doing weird things.
Comment icon #55 Posted by Nobu 8 months ago
Exactly the Canines nose already knew it was human
Comment icon #56 Posted by Abramelin 8 months ago
Comment icon #57 Posted by Manwon Lender 8 months ago
Thanks my friend that is funny!
Comment icon #58 Posted by WolfHawk 8 months ago
I had a couple friends is school who could do that. They bent over and wrapped their arms around their legs (R arm & R leg, L arm & L leg) and "walked." Some could almost fold in half and look backwards between their legs. I was never that flexible.
Comment icon #59 Posted by Cryptid_Control 8 months ago
You guys are getting way too analytical about how or why they were moving like that. There’s a simple answer that defies the laws of gravity or sanity. Meth. 

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