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The UFO Phenomenon

UFO whistleblower speaks out on resignation

June 30, 2021 | Comment icon 54 comments

Luis Elizondo has given numerous interviews. Image Credit: CC BY 3.0 Max Moszkowicz
Former intelligence official Luis Elizondo spoke on a recent TV interview about exactly why he resigned.
Elizondo, who previously headed up the Pentagon's secretive Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, has maintained in recent months that he has been the target of a disinformation campaign.

He spoke out in more detail about the situation during an appearance on the Fox special 'TMZ Investigates: UFOs: The Pentagon Proof' with Harvey Levin on Tuesday.

Elizondo has long maintained that the government is in possession of "exotic material" and handed in his resignation back in 2017 (after 22 years of service) because his superiors refused to present his findings to then-Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

"I was facing significant resistance informing some of the most senior levels of DOD leadership about our findings," he said. "And I wrote in my resignation letter what I thought the boss needed to hear, and that was that these things are real."
"That we have real evidence from not only trained observers but electro-optical devices, and also from radar data, and that these things were operating with impunity within controlled U.S. airspace."

The release of the US government's official report on UFOs has since added credence to Elizondo's claims by confirming the existence of unidentified objects off the coast of North America.

He told Levin that the Pentagon has gone so far as to threaten his security clearance and is now claiming that he was never even part of the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.

"That's a very clear way of saying, 'Hey, you better mind your manners. You better shut up. Otherwise, we're gonna shut you up,'" he said.

"I don't know if I'm gonna have a job tomorrow, to be quite honest with you."

Source: Yahoo! News | Comments (54)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #45 Posted by khol 11 months ago
If this were the case then all the individuals forwarding there accounts and testimonials would be involved as well. There all saying the same thing These sightings happened. I like this guys interruptation. Its US tech. And the real story is its being withheld from the general population  
Comment icon #46 Posted by Golden Duck 11 months ago
I've seen the threat of losing a security clearance elsewhere in the last four, or so, years.  However, it was attached to conspiracy theories. In my experience, all official information is restricted by the need to know - including unclassified information.  The threat to a security clearance in Elizondo's case would seem, to me, pointless.  I can't imagine a public servant processing a security clearance assessment for a person without the need to access information. This claim of Elizondo's appears to be BS from across the Pacific.
Comment icon #47 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
I personally think if he did obtain these files it was with the aid of someone who may still have access. That's more of my interest.
Comment icon #48 Posted by Golden Duck 11 months ago
I thought the footage had long been leaked before DeLonge and the TTSA brought it into the mainstream.  Elizondo's purported chain of evidence for electronic media just doesn't ring true.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Manwon Lender 11 months ago
There is always a chance that he did remove documents from a SCIF, and if he did that information can never be released because it would lead back to him. It common sense that the more noise you make, the more attention you get. This guy has made a whole hell of a lot of noise, so I imagine he is under a great deal of scrutiny. Like I said I would seriously doubt this guy knows anything of real value, because if he did they would have already brought him in for questioning, a lie detector test, and a full debriefing which to my knowledge they haven't done yet. Take Care my friend!
Comment icon #50 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
You're getting warmer.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
That's what leads me to believe that if he is stating the truth there was at least one other person who had the same clearance who was able to assist in obtaining and removing or copying those items them removing them from the SCIF. That other party or parties pose a significant and severe problem as insider threats to national security due to the willingness to violate their security clearances and NDAs.
Comment icon #52 Posted by Manwon Lender 11 months ago
You make a very good point, and if you are right I hope they catch them because the last thing we need is another Snowden.!!
Comment icon #53 Posted by HollyDolly 11 months ago
you're right, we don't need another Snowden. The government has known for years about UFOs or whatever the latest catch phrase is. My late father worked in military intelligence for the US Airforce , he was a chief master sargent and got invovled during Ww2 when he was recruited to spy on Tito's partisans. When he was at NSA, this late 60s,early 70s, he  planned to retire. The director of NSA at the time  spoke to him and tried to convience him to stay.He replied he   was tired of the spy game after all these years, plus he hated the East Coast, too many people. Anyhow some how, don't recall b... [More]
Comment icon #54 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
Um, beg your pardon?

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