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'Bigfoot chases ATV' video clip raises eyebrows

By T.K. Randall
July 1, 2021 · Comment icon 31 comments

This 'Bigfoot' looks suspiciously like someone in a costume. Image Credit: Snopes / @squatchmenow / TikTok
A rather unconvincing video of a 'Bigfoot' pursuing two men riding an ATV has been doing the rounds online.
Given how easy it is these days to produce fake videos of UFOs, ghosts and Bigfoot, it is no surprise that social media sites are awash with clips that can be described as dubious at best.

This latest one, which is entitled "Bigfoot chases man on ATV", was uploaded onto video sharing site TikTok where it has managed to rack up over a quarter-of-a-million 'likes' from viewers.

The footage was filmed by one of two men riding an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) along a trail in the middle of some woods. The location is unknown, but it is believed to be somewhere in North America.

As they continue along the trail, a note appears implying that someone or something had placed a downed tree across the route - although there is no evidence that it was put there deliberately.
The camera then pans left to catch a glimpse of a humanoid figure running through the trees.

Suffice to say there are some issues with this footage, especially with the 'Bigfoot' which looks suspiciously like a person wearing a flimsy costume of some kind.

It also appears to be remarkably short, has no musculature and does not move like a large ape.

You can check out the video for yourself below.


Bigfoot chases man on ATV!😱 #bigfoot #sasquatch

♬ original sound - Squatch Me Now

Source: Snopes | Comments (31)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by TashaMarie 3 years ago
You can only fall for it if you bothered to read the article which I did not.  I did watch the video though and came to the opinion that it was fake all by myself . 
Comment icon #23 Posted by Harte 3 years ago
Fake, you say? Harte
Comment icon #24 Posted by Piney 3 years ago
Comment icon #25 Posted by lightly 3 years ago
Aha !  I think I finally understand why they so rarely come here from their parallel universe... they are blurry here, and that bothers them, . .thank goodness !
Comment icon #26 Posted by Gaden 3 years ago
It upsets their stomachs.   
Comment icon #27 Posted by Harte 3 years ago
They've found a treatment for that. Nausea treatment Harte
Comment icon #28 Posted by ted hughes 3 years ago
It is quite telling that the creature was filmed by accident. The two men were filming themselves chatting at random, and it looks as if the ape was noticed afterwards when they reviewed their film.  Teddymeter: 7  
Comment icon #29 Posted by Gaden 3 years ago
 Or so they would have you believe.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Gaden 3 years ago
 This deserves some research.
Comment icon #31 Posted by jethrofloyd 3 years ago
'Papameter' got competition. 

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