Sunday, October 17, 2021
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Missing boy found by man 'instructed by God'

October 14, 2021 | Comment icon 13 comments

The young boy ended up lost in the woods for three days. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Donar Reiskoffer
A three-year-old who wandered off into the woods was found after a man was told 'by God' to go look for him.
The peculiar incident began on October 6th in Plantersville, Texas when the youngster - three-year-old Christopher Ramirez - followed a neighbor's dog into the woods and disappeared while his mother was unloading groceries from her car.

Quickly realizing that he was missing, his mother desperately searched for him but to no avail. The dog later returned on its own, however the young boy was nowhere to be found.

Before long, an extensive search and rescue operation was underway involving not only the FBI but a significant number of local volunteers who spent several days scouring the local woodland.

Fortunately, three days after he had gone missing, Christopher was discovered five miles from his home by a local volunteer.
Despite being tired and hungry, the boy was in surprisingly good condition following his ordeal.

What made his rescue even more incredible however was the circumstances surrounding it.

The man who found him, who wished to remain anonymous and is not suspected of foul play, claimed that during a Bible study class the previous evening, he had been told by God to go and search for the child because he would definitely find him.

He headed out as instructed the following morning and incredibly, actually did find him.

Whether or not he really did have a divine experience, it is possible that if he hadn't believed he would find the boy, he may never have even tried and Christopher may never have been located.

Source: Business Insider | Comments (13)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by XenoFish 3 days ago
The takeaway is that the kid was found. Doesn't matter if it's God or not. It's like looking at a well meaning gift and complaining, just be thankful.
Comment icon #5 Posted by onlookerofmayhem 2 days ago
If god was the reason this kid was found, he was also the reason the kid went missing in the first place.
Comment icon #6 Posted by Chaldon 2 days ago
Incredibly enough, I myself had at least a couple of occurrences in my life when I knew for sure I'd find something I was looking for in some specific place, if I'd venture straight off, and while there was absolutely no reason to think so indeed it was exactly there. What's even more interesting, at least in both of these cases, I was in some very specific state of mind, elevated and pacified at the same time, which I never could intentionally conjure. It was an amazing feeling, may be the best feeling I ever had in my life. It was quite intense, to the extent it made me perceive reality in a... [More]
Comment icon #7 Posted by Phantom309 2 days ago
Now stop, just stop with that type of good logic - the faithful'swill run off screaming into the night and their heads will explode.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Robotic Jew 2 days ago
Is it bad that my first thought was that this man had taken the boy in the first place?
Comment icon #9 Posted by Desertrat56 2 days ago
Comment icon #10 Posted by third_eye 2 days ago
God was too busy to go get the kid .... ~
Comment icon #11 Posted by XenoFish 1 day ago
If you really want to twist the tale. Then god let the kid wander off just to test the faith of theman who found him. If you want to go that route.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Green Lion 18 hours ago
I saw this story on the local news. They didn't say anything about the man being in a Bible study class who found him. The news story pretty much ended after they said he went missing searching for the dog and was found 3 days later. It was about my second thought, that I figured someone would find him to be a suspect.
Comment icon #13 Posted by Hammerclaw 18 hours ago
I prayed for a stubborn friend to get the shot and he finallydid. Is that a testament to divine providence and the efficacy of prayer? Probably not. Things don't always happen for a reason, but they do happen.

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