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Man has kept his arm raised for over 10 years in honor of his god

9-29-2022 | 17

A man in India has been making headlines this week after it was revealed that he has had his arm raised for over a decade.

Science & Technology

Should we even be attempting to bring back the thylacine ?

9-4-2022 | 22

Just like in Jurassic Park, playing god with the fate of extinct species could cause more problems than it solves.

World of the Bizarre

Man builds mech suit for a snake, takes it for a walk

 VIDEO  8-17-2022 | 7

YouTube inventor Allen Pan decided that 'God made a mistake' and decided to 'give snakes their legs back'.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious Palmyra 'lord of the universe' deity identified

7-13-2022 | 5

The mystery of an unknown god referenced in inscriptions from the ancient city of Palmyra has finally been solved.

The UFO Phenomenon

Witness breaks 40-year silence over UFO sighting

12-27-2021 | 1

Vicky Dinsdale's sighting echoes that of police officer Alan Godfrey who saw the same thing one year earlier.

The UFO Phenomenon

'UFO death riddle' cop was hounded by 'government agent'

12-1-2021 | 8

When British policeman Alan Godfrey encountered a UFO 41 years ago, it would change his life forever.


Missing boy found by man 'instructed by God'

10-14-2021 | 67

A three-year-old who wandered off into the woods was found after a man was told 'by God' to go look for him.

World of the Bizarre

Driver crashes after letting 'God take the wheel'

7-15-2021 | 41

A woman in Ohio ended up crashing her car at 190km/h after relying on divine intervention to steer the vehicle.


Is belief in alien life a whole new religion ?

6-5-2019 | 113

In the United States, there are almost as many believers in intelligent alien life as there are believers in God.


Dinosaur tracks found outside NASA Goddard

 VIDEO  2-1-2018 | 11

100 million-year-old dinosaur and mammal tracks have been found at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center.


Erich Von Daniken predicts 'ET will return'

 VIDEO  11-7-2016 | 206

The controversial author of 'Chariots of the Gods' predicts that aliens will return within 20 years.

Archaeology & History

'Lost City of the Monkey God' to be excavated

 VIDEO  1-15-2016 | 28

Authorities have announced an excavation of the mysterious lost city following its discovery last year.

Science & Technology

Scientists debate the ethics of gene editing

12-4-2015 | 34

It may soon be possible to tinker with our children's genes - but should we really be playing God?


Was British policeman abducted by aliens ?

11-26-2015 | 32

Former police officer Alan Godfry had a close encounter with a UFO while on patrol back in November 1980.

Archaeology & History

8 million dog mummies unearthed in Egypt

6-21-2015 | 8

The ancient Egyptian jackal-headed god of death Anubis was worshipped by huge numbers of people.

Science & Technology

Humans set to become 'God-like cyborgs'

5-25-2015 | 42

Biological and technological upgrades could eventually turn us in to a race of cybernetic immortals.

Archaeology & History

Explorers discover lost city in Honduras

3-3-2015 | 15

The ancient ruins were found during an expedition to locate the fabled 'City of the Monkey God'.


Iceland to build temple to Norse gods

2-3-2015 | 53

The temple will be the first of its kind to be built in the country since the time of the Vikings.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists 'play God' by creating a universe

1-1-2015 | 18

Two of the world's most powerful supercomputers have been used to build a simulation of the cosmos.


'Exodus: Gods and Kings' is banned in Egypt

12-28-2014 | 86

Egypt's censorship board has taken the decision to ban the film due to 'historical inaccuracies'.

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