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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Cow escapes, goes to water park and rides down slide

 VIDEO  11-16-2021 | 5

A cow in Brazil was recently filmed staging a daring escape attempt at a nearby water park.


Brazil's president is hospitalized with hiccups

7-14-2021 | 7

Brazil's divisive leader Jair Bolsonaro is in hospital after suffering from incurable hiccups lasting several days.


Two 'ape creature' photos surface in Brazil

3-6-2021 | 23

The photographs show alleged ape-like creatures rumored to be skulking around Brazil's Itaparica Island.


Strange creatures filmed in Argentina and Brazil

10-24-2020 | 32

Two videos have recently emerged showing unidentified creatures lurking around in the darkness.


'Image of Jesus' discovered in cut tree branch

 VIDEO  7-17-2020 | 31

Workers in Brazil couldn't believe their eyes when they discovered a familiar figure inside a piece of wood.

The UFO Phenomenon

Brazil 'UFO crash' sparks flap on social media

 VIDEO  5-18-2020 | 33

Sightings of unidentified lights north of Rio de Janeiro last week managed to spark quite a ruckus online.

The UFO Phenomenon

Strange 'jellyfish' UFO filmed over Sao Paulo

 VIDEO  3-10-2020 | 36

A video uploaded earlier this week shows an anomalous object flying high over Brazil's most populous city.


11 million Brazilians believe that the Earth is flat

3-6-2020 | 21

A surprisingly large number of people in Brazil subscribe to the idea that our planet is not what it seems.

Science & Technology

Mystery virus discovered in Brazilian lake

2-10-2020 | 2

Scientists have identified a strange new type of virus with a genome that is almost entirely unknown to science.

Natural World

Spiders filmed hanging in the sky over Brazil

1-12-2019 | 19

The eerie phenomenon, which can occur during hot, humid weather, is an arachnophobe's worst nightmare.

Natural World

Ancient termite structure is visible from space

 VIDEO  11-21-2018 | 2

For thousands of years, termites have been constructing a vast network of mounds in northeastern Brazil.


Cow with three horns filmed at a farm in Brazil

 VIDEO  9-13-2018 | 11

Footage of the tri-horned bovine managed to rack up thousands of views on social media this week.

Modern Mysteries

'Apocalyptic' cloud hangs over town in Brazil

 VIDEO  8-19-2017 | 11

Residents of Teixeira de Freitas were treated to a rather unusual and unnerving spectacle this week.

Natural World

Four-legged chicken hatches out in Brazil

 VIDEO  3-26-2017 | 8

Despite having two additional limbs, the young chick, which wasn't expected to live, is doing quite well.

Natural World

Elusive tree boa rediscovered after 64 years

 VIDEO  2-21-2017 | 14

One of the world's rarest snakes has been sighted again for the first time in more than six decades.

Natural World

Vampire bats now have taste for human blood

1-13-2017 | 16

Researchers in Brazil have warned that some vampire bat populations have started targeting humans.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery surrounds Amazon's 'Stonehenge'

12-16-2016 | 13

An ancient civilization is believed to have built standing stones in the rainforest over 1,000 years ago.

Natural World

Huge coral reef found off the coast of Brazil

4-22-2016 | 11

A 600-mile-long coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river has taken scientists completely by surprise.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Operation Saucer' sought UFOs in the 1970s

3-9-2016 | 15

An investigation was conducted by authorities in Brazil following a spate of UFO 'attacks' in 1977.


Drunk monkey waves knife at bar customers

 VIDEO  2-19-2016 | 23

A bizarre incident at a bar in Brazil recently saw an intoxicated monkey go on a knife-wielding rampage.

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