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The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon announces new UFO investigation unit

By T.K. Randall
November 24, 2021 · Comment icon 16 comments

Things are certainly moving forward. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 David B. Gleason
The Department of Defense has officially announced its latest effort to get to the bottom of the UFO mystery.
Known as the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group (AOIMSG), the new unit will serve as the successor to the US Navy's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.

According to an official release by the Department of Defense, the AOIMSG will "synchronize efforts across the Department and the broader US government to detect, identify and attribute objects of interests in Special Use Airspace (SUA), and to assess and mitigate any associated threats to safety of flight and national security."

The Pentagon has also announced the formation of the Airborne Object Identification and Management Executive Council (AOIMEXEC), which will be made up of DoD and other intelligence agency officials and will offer "a venue for US government interagency representation."
The official release also goes on to say:

"Incursions by any airborne object into our SUA pose safety of flight and operations security concerns, and may pose national security challenges. DOD takes reports of incursions - by any airborne object, identified or unidentified - very seriously, and investigates each one.

This decision is the result of planning efforts and collaboration conducted by OUSD and other DoD elements at the direction of Deputy Secretary Hicks, to address the challenges associated with assessing UAP occurring on or near DOD training ranges and installations highlighted in the DNI preliminary assessment report submitted to Congress in June 2021.

The report also identified the need to make improvements in processes, policies, technologies, and training to improve our ability to understand UAP."

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #7 Posted by Trelane 2 years ago
How do you get rival nations to invest in money draining programs? Programs that divert their resources and assets?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Freez1 2 years ago
We have all come a long way with technology. I think it�s all man made
Comment icon #9 Posted by Timothy 2 years ago
The funny thing is that we haven’t even seen any footage of anything that suggests there is anything other than conventional aircraft in our skies.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Manwon Lender 2 years ago
That's a great point man, it will certainly be very difficult if not impossible! But maybe you have these guys land at the National Headquarters of those Nations that will not complie!     
Comment icon #11 Posted by Manwon Lender 2 years ago
You know Timothy I am not expert on the subject like many here claim to be, and please understand that is not directed at you. I spent almost 34 years my life serving our country, 23 years in the US Military and an additional 10 1/2 years working as Government Contractor in the Middle East. I joined the Army in 1978 and retired as a contractor in 2019. In all that time I have never heard of or seen the US Government build a hoax and feed it to the American People concerning a Subject like this what do you honestly believe they to gain? When Decorated Combat Pilots, Experienced Airline Pilots, ... [More]
Comment icon #12 Posted by khol 2 years ago
Yes and who knows what black ops projects have been employed in the past and are currently being studied It seems logical choice yet many accounts take place yrs ago. Nimitz was 17 and is describing advanced technology that would radically change everything about our economics and how we live. The US and other countries continue to dump ka zillions into technology that doesnt even come close to this. The F35 for example is still a conventional aircraft at the end of the day.. The United States is now projected to spend an estimated $323 billion for development and procurement of the F-35, ma... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
What's more, there are already organisations like the FAA in the US and here in Oz there's Airservices Australia, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and of course the military's RAAF.  All of those are responsible for monitoring the entire airspace and ensuring there is no risk of a collision or incident.  If there were lots of UFO's being reported, those organisations would have to share that info so widely it would have to get out.  But there just aren't lots of UFO's.  Sure, some faraway things do not get recognised or positively identified, so they are technically UFO's.  But we're s... [More]
Comment icon #14 Posted by ChrLzs 2 years ago
Khol, can you be a little clearer here - can you point me to any actual EVIDENCE of that claim, or are you responding to the anecdotal stuff, as if it is reality?
Comment icon #15 Posted by khol 2 years ago
The lattter ChrLzs...its all speculative on my part         
Comment icon #16 Posted by AnthonyS 2 years ago

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