Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

New high-res version of 1970s UFO photograph revealed

May 8, 2022 | Comment icon 23 comments

Is this a genuine object or a deliberate hoax ? Image Credit: Instituto Geografico Nacional de Costa Rica
Taken from a plane in 1971, the image shows what appears to be a metallic saucer flying through the air.
Having been the subject of intrigue and debate for several decades, this fascinating UFO photograph has recently been brought back into the limelight thanks to enthusiast Esteban Carranza who was able to secure the original image and publish a high-resolution version online.

The original was captured by the National Geographic Institute of Costa Rica in 1971 when aerial photographer Sergio Loaiza used an automated camera to take snaps from 10,000ft.

Nothing was seen at the time, but when the photographs were examined afterwards, one of them included a mysterious metallic disc that nobody was able to explain.
UFO researchers Ricardo Vilchez, Dr Richard Haines and Dr Jacques Vallee later played down the likelihood that the image showed anything otherworldly, however the picture has still remained a topic of discussion and debate in the intervening years.

This latest high-resolution version, which was obtained by Carranza after he tracked down the original technician who was in charge of the camera in 1971, shows the anomalous 'disc' in more detail than ever before.

Whether or not it can prove the authenticity of the shot, however, remains to be seen.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by Hawken 9 days ago
That's gotta be @acute 
Comment icon #15 Posted by astrobeing 9 days ago
In other words, "We can't figure out its altitude or its size, so we picked a size range that we liked."
Comment icon #16 Posted by Dejarma 9 days ago
this sums up nick pope for me... this interview was 5 days after it was revealed to be a CGI students portfolio:  super on the ball spot on ufo investigator is nick or he knew it was fake & done it for the interview money.. who knows
Comment icon #17 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 9 days ago
I like Nick..started out as a total skeptic.. not anymore..This video is looking good, but did the jets get close to it? video stopped of course.. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by brokenbutcher2016 8 days ago
chopper blades I doubt. unless the blades radius covers the entire copter..tail fin?..
Comment icon #19 Posted by papageorge1 7 days ago
Just how can I have heard about 100 most convincing photos/videos ever? Until the next one tomorrow that is.
Comment icon #20 Posted by acute 7 days ago
Ok, I can see it now. It wasn't very clear on my phone.
Comment icon #21 Posted by NCC1701 7 days ago
Maybe a a part of an insect or seed that got stuck on the photograph or a drop of liquid in from the photolab. 
Comment icon #22 Posted by RedBeef 7 days ago
Isn't that just the little pin hole in almost all airplane windows that is used for pressure regulation and to prevent condensation? In this case it looks like the hole is at the end of a cone shaped "bevel" but is creating the illusion that you are looking at an upside down silver cone?
Comment icon #23 Posted by Jon the frog 7 days ago
Holy cow they spotted it on that flight too ! That thing is big, bearly 400ft long, look at the size, just above the cloud at 10 miles, it was following the plane !

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