Monday, September 26, 2022
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Jack Osbourne: 'US government is covering up the truth about UFOs'

By T.K. Randall
September 6, 2022 · Comment icon 163 comments

Jack is the son of heavy metal legend Ozzy Osbourne. Image Credit: Discovery+ Press Release
The reality TV star and UFO enthusiast spoke out about the topic ahead of his latest show.
Osbourne, who has long held an interest in the UFO phenomenon, spoke to interviewers ahead of the release of his latest television outing - Jack Osbourne's Night Of Terror: UFOs.

Unsurprisingly, he doesn't believe that the US government has revealed everything it knows on the topic and maintains that there has been an ongoing cover-up to conceal the truth from the general public that has only recently started to be lifted following recent developments.

"I just think we're in the middle of a staggered disclosure," he told TMZ.

"The government knows exactly what this is and they're just kind of putting it out in dribs and drabs and kind of giving us scraps from the table to not hit us with the hard news right away."
"I don't think there's people in congress going, 'Ah, there's 350 million idiots, we know it all and they don't - although that probably does happen a lot, just on different subjects. I think they have a greater understanding of what we are encountering and I don't think it's all the same thing."

On the topic of who might actually be in the know, Osbourne believes that US presidents may only be privvy to a relatively small amount of information concerning the topic.

"But if you think about it, you're only president for eight years if you're lucky, so I don't think they give them the full keys to the kingdom," he said.

"In my mind, the people who are going to know this stuff are the generals or the CEOs of these contracting companies... like Raytheon (the aerospace and defence firm)... these people who are in these positions for 20 years, not a president who's going to be gone in eight years, that's the way I kind of see it."

Jack Osbourne's Night Of Terror: UFOs is available to stream now on Discovery+.

Source: Guam Daily Post | Comments (163)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #154 Posted by the13bats 11 days ago
You like to pair up "RC" and "toy" all RC craft are not the walmart toys you are familiar with. And with everything you just said their is still no way you could gauge the size of what you allegly saw so you cant even be sure it wasnt just a "toy". Pull up youtube monsterquest episode about birdzilla, They use a bird kite to prove that no one could gauge the correct size of the kite up in the day sky at a park,† most all over estimated by a lot. Dont take this personal you let your ego get in your way of being a fallible human.
Comment icon #155 Posted by Guyver 11 days ago
I wonít. †But I will say I did not observe a small toy, and in spite of my human limitations, I can be sure that what I observed was many times larger than an RC aircraft, even as a modern glider is many, many times larger than a golden eagle. †Thatís all I have to say. †Iím not into arguing about it. †Iím content with allowing it to be something unknown to me, even as there are many, many things that I donít know and canít be certain ofÖ.like what happens to us when we die, whether or not people have souls, or if there be any such thing as ghosts. †I donít know, and canít say either way.
Comment icon #156 Posted by the13bats 11 days ago
There is no way you could have accurately gauged the size of what you saw its too bad your ego wont let you admit that.
Comment icon #157 Posted by astrobeing 11 days ago
And your inability to understand how thin clouds can make narrow light sources widen by diffusing the light making the sources appear to be larger. You claimed you've never seen this therefore you declared with godlike authority that it simply cannot happen. Where was Venus that night? Why was Carter unable to see it?
Comment icon #158 Posted by stereologist 11 days ago
Night flights are rare. I was aware of that and are often only done when setting records such as personal records. But what if the glider you saw was returning late and was not equipped with lights or the pilot chose to save the weight of a battery. Flying at night does not rule out a regular glider. Flying and not following the rules does not rule out a glider. The lack of lights is a good observation on your part
Comment icon #159 Posted by stereologist 11 days ago
More mindless rambling from someone that has no idea how poor observers are. Please continue to amuse us all
Comment icon #160 Posted by Guyver 11 days ago
Itís been so long, I canít swear to this, but in my mind as I try to think about itÖ.it seems like there may have been the softest of like a green glow on the inside of it. †Again, itís been so long, this was like 1994-1996. †Somewhere in there. †But, like just maybe it was glow from an instrument panel? But, if my memory is correct, and Iím not saying it is after such a long time, I remember saying to myself, that it looks like what I just saw was piloted by humans in some way.
Comment icon #161 Posted by the13bats 11 days ago
Another thing to consider, do you know every possible aircraft that could be flying because i sure do not. Youve likey heard me tell my experence that happened on the beach at night as a teen, had i cut and ran as i wanted to do to this day i would insist the craft its lights, it was spinning like a typical "flying saucer" which wasnt the case at all but it fooled me, not a hoax it was just something i didnt know about at the time. Very common and down to earth.
Comment icon #162 Posted by toast 7 hours ago
This story pattern has been used hundreds of times during the last 4 decades. Its #1, followed by "...I was walking the dog and all of a sudden yadayadaorangelightyadayada". Lame.
Comment icon #163 Posted by the13bats 5 hours ago
Its full of holes and just screams made up. I gave my run down page one.

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