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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Has Lake Champlain's monster 'Champ' been picked up on sonar ?

By T.K. Randall
September 22, 2022 · Comment icon 26 comments

Is there a monster lurking in the depths of Lake Champlain ? Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Hbbrown18
A research group has posted up footage of what appears to be a sonar hit of a large creature swimming in the lake.
Spanning parts of New York State, Vermont and Quebec - Lake Champlain is home to an elusive cryptozoological enigma not dissimilar to that of Scotland's Loch Ness.

The legend is believed to date back to 1609 when Samuel de Champlain wrote an account of a serpent-like creature measuring 5 ft long with large teeth, a body as thick as a man's thigh and tough silver-grey scales that his blade could not penetrate.

These days, the lake remains a popular tourist destination and stories of the creature - nicknamed 'Champ' - have endured for decades.

Now a group of researchers who have spent years searching for evidence of the creature believe that they may have found some of their strongest evidence to date in the form of a sonar hit showing a large creature swimming beneath the lake's surface on September 10th.
According to the video, the unidentified creature was 20 ft in length.

What's interesting is that the sonar reading appears to exhibit evidence of a flipper-like appendage being used to propel the creature - whatever it is - through the water.

Of course it's impossible to say for sure what the sonar actually picked up, but it's certainly intriguing.

The footage, which was captured by Champ Search researcher Katy Elizabeth, can be viewed below.

Source: ChampSearch | Comments (26)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #17 Posted by the13bats 6 months ago
Heres a story my dad told me he was a bass fisherman. Decades back when companies were first trying to produce good reliable "fish finders" for the lake fishing guys they had to someway prove that blob on the screen really was a fish or these guys were not going to buy this new fangled gear. I believe it was the owner of Lawrence dont hold me to that part but he went on to find a way to catch the fish the device showed, he did this with special live bait that is a story of its own. My point was no one cared about a blob on a screen prove what that blob is prove its a fish i can catch its a bit... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by Trelane 6 months ago
Have they finally revealed the location of the Red October????
Comment icon #19 Posted by stereologist 6 months ago
A previous Champ spotter did find a number of wrecks going back to the Revolutionary War †
Comment icon #20 Posted by the13bats 6 months ago
I have an old champ documentary and a professinal diver is talking about all the time he and colleagues have spent under water there finding over 100 new ship wrecks but what people ask him is if he believes in champ his reply is no.
Comment icon #21 Posted by stereologist 6 months ago
Somewhere out on the lake is a huge shipment of prohibition booze. The guy was running trucks down the ice of frozen Lake Champlain under cover of darkness. Not sure if the ice was too thin or a chase caused the trucks to head into thin ice but the convoy sits in the lake. At least that was story I heard when I lived in Vermont.
Comment icon #22 Posted by Uncle Yammy 6 months ago
And you believed him, enough to quote him. Would you believe him if he said yes?
Comment icon #23 Posted by the13bats 6 months ago
Yes, i would believe him if he said yes. because he isnt posturing or thumping his chest hes not a lake monster hunter hes a under water salvage type person. Your knee jerk mistake was all i did in my reply was quote him i didnt say i did or didnt believe him, you jumped that i dod before asking me in his case he doesnt think there is a lake monster and i believe he feels that way i happen to agree. Hes spent countless hours on and under that water and seen nothing. Its like if you said no elves live in your garage i would believe you know your garage well enough to safety say its elve free. T... [More]
Comment icon #24 Posted by Uncle Yammy 6 months ago
It wasn't a†knee jerk reaction. I simply asked a question? † Hope that helped.
Comment icon #25 Posted by the13bats 6 months ago
The knee jerk part was you assuming because i quoted him i supported his opinion if you dont like knee jerk , then jumping to conclusions better? And tone gets lost in type i was sincerely hoping i helped, i am waiting for ian to knock on my door i might be just a wee nit keyed up.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Resume 6 months ago
I use a Humminbird sonar with Mega down and side imaging, in addition to CHIRP sonar. This is a school of fish.

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