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Man claims to have been visited by 'glowing orbs' every day for years

By T.K. Randall
July 24, 2023 · Comment icon 18 comments

Who or what is behind Bledsoe's experiences ? Image Credit: Pixabay / danielarealpeg
Christopher Bledsoe maintains that his UFO experiences have been investigated by both NASA and the CIA.
The strangeness began in 2007 when the former construction mogul - now 62 - was down on his luck and had ventured into the woods in North Carolina with thoughts of ending his own life.

Upon nearing Cape Fear Lake, however, he saw something that would change his perspective on everything - two mysterious orbs hovering around 150ft above the top of the hill.

"I got within 40 feet at the top of the hill, I cried out, 'whoever's up there, help me,' and I never expected to see what I saw," he said.

Remarkably, he maintains that these orbs have since visited his home every day for years, prompting interest from both NASA and the CIA who have spent time investigating his story.
Bledsoe also alleges that he was invited to participate in a study of 'non-Earth materials', with researcher Tim Taylor placing a piece of anomalous metal in his hand to look for a reaction.

"They were looking for a reaction, and I had one of the only ones they had ever seen," he said.

"Taylor said he's never seen anything like it."

It's unclear what became of the research or whether the sightings of orbs over his home have ever been definitively corroborated.

What is certain, however, is that he remains adamant to this day that every word of his story is true.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (18)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by openozy 11 months ago
I knew it can send you blind, must be the top shelf, slowly aged 8 days in a used farm chemical drum stuff that makes you see orbs, lol. 
Comment icon #10 Posted by Nicolette 11 months ago
Has anyone heard of this metal test before? I haven't. I wish they explained it.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Nicolette 11 months ago
Because you must live in the mountains to get lost in the woods....
Comment icon #12 Posted by quiXilver 11 months ago
I have a general rule I've followed all my life, that's served me well. Never, ever do a drug named after a part of my own ass... the end.   p.s. true story /\
Comment icon #13 Posted by Funkadelic 11 months ago
I've followed this guy on instagram for a long time, he's always posting videos of what looks like orbs in the sky. He's consistently posting them as well, if they're fake he's at least convinced his self they're real, it seems 
Comment icon #14 Posted by Torviking 11 months ago
This is just a load of spherical objects, I mean orbs.
Comment icon #15 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 11 months ago
Interesting, I wonder why the pics/vids weren't accompanied with the article. hmmmph
Comment icon #16 Posted by Nicolette 11 months ago
I looked up his ig... this one is all i found. He says there are entity faces in these stars  i feel like if the cia  investigated him it was for other reasons.
Comment icon #17 Posted by razman 11 months ago
Boy he's really stretchin that one , It's like a face with a giant dose of Pareidolia.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Funkadelic 11 months ago
Did you watch the videos on his IG? He's posting them all the time .. I think he's legit 

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