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The Pentagon allegedly has a video of a UFO disabling a nuclear missile

By T.K. Randall
February 13, 2024 · Comment icon 56 comments
A UFO intercepting a missile.
The footage continues to remain under wraps. Image Credit: Bing AI / Dall-E 3
An unreleased video reportedly exists that shows an unknown object interfering with a nuclear missile.
According to reports, the tape, which was filmed in California on September 15th, 1964, was viewed by US Air Force officers Lieutenant Bob Jacobs and Major Florenze Mansmann who were part of a team that had been tasked with recording missile test launches using special equipment.

The video itself, which has not been released to the public, allegedly shows a saucer-shaped craft circling what is believed to be an unarmed dummy missile after it had detached from its booster.

It can then be seen firing some sort of laser beam at the missile, apparently disabling it.

In a letter, Mansmann later described the object as a "classic disc, the center seemed to be a raised bubble...the entire lower saucer shape was glowing and seemed to be rotating slowly."

"At the point of beam release...the object turned like an object required to be in a position to fire from a platform...but again this could be my own assumption from being in aerial combat," he added.
After Jacobs and Mansmann had viewed the tape, two plain-clothed CIA agents reportedly attended the scene, confiscated the footage and swore both of the men to absolute secrecy.

The footage would remain lost to history until relatively recently when details of its existence were unearthed by author Robert Hastings who had been investigating the phenomenon.

As part of this, Hastings revealed that Luis Elizondo - former director of the Pentagon's Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) - had also claimed to have seen the video.

"The former AATIP director confirmed the existence of the video, the details regarding what it showed, and the location of a copy of it in AATIP's workspaces," Hastings wrote.

Without access to the video itself, however, it's impossible to corroborate any of these claims.

Source: Mail Online | Comments (56)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #47 Posted by Electric Scooter 2 months ago
There is literally not one witness statement or one video worth considering as a valid UFO. If one looks beyond fancy terms such as `Non-human biologics` we can easily infer something like rat neurons being used for a specific task. Not one UFO video shows them violating the known law of physics. Just because some navy officer says I saw a UFO accelerating at 200g doing right angle moves, does not mean any new physics is involved. Furthermore there is no video evidence of such accelerations.
Comment icon #48 Posted by psyche101 2 months ago
  That's just a dodge. The reporter isn't a believer. So what. I suggest you follow the link to the point the reporter was making. The nutcases at the link state : Assange went on to say that the international community is aware of an alien invasion that began in March of this year and that they predict will continue for the next five years.   “The global community is trying to protect the citizens of earth from the truth, which is that by 2015,  Earth will be controlled by aliens.” Which isn't just a lie. It's a nutcase crazy outright made up lie. Do you deny that, or are you saying th... [More]
Comment icon #49 Posted by skyeagle409 2 months ago
UFOs interfering with nuclear missiles has long been known. After all, even my base has been involved in such investigations.  Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes - CBS News UFOs have even affected Russian missiles.  Recent Russian Newspaper Article Discusses UFO Incidents at Soviet and American Nuclear Weapons Sites  Soviet nukes and UFOs -
Comment icon #50 Posted by MrsGently 2 months ago
Just wanted to add the same CBS article you have on the minutemen. lol Good thing I checked first, so I'll just quote from it (2010)  
Comment icon #51 Posted by Trelane 2 months ago
Malmstrom again huh? Oh brother.?
Comment icon #52 Posted by Trelane 2 months ago
Ah very good. I knew it wouldn't take much for you to reveal your real reason to be here in these forums. Thank you for your cooperation.    @Piney this is exactly what you mentioned earlier. You were dead on man.
Comment icon #53 Posted by asper 2 months ago
Until this is relayed by official channels I am sceptical. UFOs in close proximity to ICBM silos remains controversial but assuming it has to be extra-terrestrial in nature is so naive. It's interesting these episodes occurred at the height of the Cold War in the decade immediate to the proposed development of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI).
Comment icon #54 Posted by Antigonos 2 months ago
I bet it’s one of these guys. They have a history of starting trouble.
Comment icon #55 Posted by ChrLzs 2 months ago
Wow!  That's it, folks, game over.       Umm, did you forget to put in a link, or did the MIB delete all copies of the file... yet let you post this...?   But hey, thanks for coming!!
Comment icon #56 Posted by ChrLzs 1 month ago
? Very wise!  It's good to see you are thinking about the issues and questioning.  If you're new to what often gets simply referred to as ''Malmstrom", try here for Tim Hebert's take: Tim also posts here from time to time.  This topic has been thoroughly done to death and fully debunked, and only someone with no clue about the events and subsequent story-telling and falsehoods, believes there was anything other-worldly involved.  A special hi goes out to Mrs Gently, who raised it here, obviously without che... [More]

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