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Modern Mysteries

Fairy circles are cropping up everywhere and nobody knows why

9-29-2023 | 13

These mysterious circular-shaped patches of ground are starting to appear at sites all over the world.

Modern Mysteries

Hundreds of bottles of rum found concealed in walls of house

9-8-2023 | 12

Cathy and Roy Aukamp got quite a surprise when they began renovating the walls of their basement.

Modern Mysteries

Possible breakthrough in hunt for answers to Amelia Earhart mystery

9-3-2023 | 4

Researchers have found what could be evidence of Earhart's plane under the sea near Nikumaroro.

Modern Mysteries

Wild 'wolf man' spotted by hikers in remote German mountains

8-26-2023 | 3

An individual thought to have been living wild for years has been sighted by people hiking in the region.

Modern Mysteries

Could barnacles help to solve the mystery of flight MH370 ?

8-24-2023 | 1

One geoscientist has attempted to find out where the plane came down by analyzing barnacles stuck to the debris.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery 'clue' discovered in a bottle washed up along the River Thames

8-14-2023 | 8

A mysterious four-line poem thought to have a hidden meaning has been found in a bottle along the river.

Modern Mysteries

Has serial killer Jack the Ripper's identity been revealed at last ?

7-20-2023 | 42

A former police volunteer believes that she has uncovered the identity of the infamous 19th-Century murderer.

Modern Mysteries

Enduring mystery of Antarctica's 'Blood Falls' may finally be solved

7-14-2023 | 4

A bizarre natural phenomenon in Antarctica has the appearance of blood flowing from beneath a glacier.

Modern Mysteries

Georgia Guidestones bombing culprit still a mystery one year on

7-8-2023 | 17

The mysterious Stonehenge-like structure was completely destroyed when an unknown individual blew it up with a bomb last year.

Modern Mysteries

Builder finds 92-year-old message in a bottle hidden in his wall

7-2-2023 | 4

Dan Dafforn had been working on his own house in Pembrokeshire, Wales when he made the discovery.

Modern Mysteries

Submarine that carries tourists to visit the Titanic has gone missing

6-19-2023 | 275

Another maritime disaster is potentially brewing as search and rescue efforts get underway.

Modern Mysteries

Lost children found alive in rainforest 40 days after plane crash

6-10-2023 | 22

The children were miraculously found very much alive after a massive search effort spanning more than five weeks.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious Russian 'spy whale' shows up off coast of Sweden

5-30-2023 | 1

A whale that was previously found wearing a Russian-made harness has been sighted again off Sweden's coast.

Modern Mysteries

7-year-old fashion designer claims to be reincarnation of Gucci

 VIDEO  5-22-2023 | 6

Max Alexander started designing dresses when he was just 4 and believes that he is the reincarnation of Guccio Gucci.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery tremors in Denmark were from an 'unknown source'

5-15-2023 | 6

Scientists have been left perplexed by a series of unexplained quakes on the Danish Baltic island of Bornholm.

Modern Mysteries

Could bad weather and poor decisions explain the Bermuda Triangle ?

5-8-2023 | 9

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki maintains that the answer to the mystery lies in little more than bad weather and basic human error.

Modern Mysteries

Hunt for Nazi gold in Dutch village is called off

5-3-2023 | 7

The gold had allegedly been buried in the German countryside by Nazi soldiers during World War II.

Modern Mysteries

Was Amelia Earhart really eaten by giant crabs ?

4-22-2023 | 13

One enduring theory suggests that the aviator's remains were disposed of by coconut crabs on Nikumaroro.

Modern Mysteries

10 years on - the man who was swallowed by a sinkhole

 VIDEO  4-18-2023 | 1

Back in 2013, Jeff Bush had been sleeping in his bed when a hole suddenly opened in the ground and swallowed him up.

Modern Mysteries

Did MH370 crash thousands of miles away in the South China Sea ?

3-9-2023 | 11

One researcher claims to have found evidence to suggest that the doomed flight did not crash where people thought it did.

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