Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Nature & Environment

Hidden 300-mile-long river discovered deep beneath Antarctica

11-5-2022 | 3

Scientists using ice-penetrating radar have spotted an enormous river snaking its way beneath the Antarctic ice.

Science & Technology

Swarm of creatures found deep beneath Antarctic ice

6-16-2022 | 3

Scientists have discovered a hidden ecosystem deep down beneath the ice of Antarctica's Larsen Ice Shelf.

Science & Technology

Vast salty groundwater system discovered in Antarctica

 VIDEO  5-6-2022 | 0

The find could fundamentally change our understanding of ice flows and future sea level rise predictions.

Modern Mysteries

Shackleton's ship Endurance has been found at last

 VIDEO  3-9-2022 | 7

The iconic vessel has finally been discovered in the waters off Antarctica some 106 years after it sank.

Nature & Environment

Yellow penguin spotted in the South Atlantic

2-20-2021 | 5

An unusual penguin with some unique coloration has been photographed on a remote island near Antarctica.

Nature & Environment

Scientists make surprise Antarctic life discovery

2-15-2021 | 4

A recent ice-boring operation has revealed the discovery of organisms living deep beneath the ice shelf.

Archaeology & History

Are there ancient pyramids in Antarctica ?

 VIDEO  6-7-2020 | 162

For years, some have speculated that pyramid-shaped formations in Antarctica could be man-made structures.

Nature & Environment

Antarctica is turning green, new study finds

 VIDEO  5-20-2020 | 11

The effects of climate change have sparked a bloom of microscopic algae across the Antarctic peninsula.

Science & Technology

Scientists find evidence of a parallel universe

5-18-2020 | 61

A science experiment in Antarctica may have discovered particles from a universe where time runs backwards.

Science & Technology

Sediment cores shine light on Antarctic forests

4-4-2020 | 21

It might be a freezing wasteland today, but in the past Antarctica was covered in lush swamps and forests.

Science & Technology

Whole new island discovered in Antarctica

3-1-2020 | 2

An expedition team has identified a previously unseen landmass that has been exposed by melting ice.

Science & Technology

Snow turns 'blood red' around Antarctic outpost

2-27-2020 | 3

Scientists working at a Ukranian research station have revealed that the nearby snow has turned an odd color.

Science & Technology

Deepest point on continental Earth discovered

 VIDEO  12-13-2019 | 1

Scientists have identified an enormous land-based canyon that descends 11,500ft beneath sea level.

Nature & Environment

'The Thing' discovered beneath the Antarctic

 VIDEO  9-20-2019 | 12

Scientists have discovered a very strange gelatinous creature 3,500 meters beneath the ocean's surface.


15-ton 'sea monster' found in Antarctica

6-9-2019 | 1

Scientists have unearthed the fossil remains of a gargantuan marine reptile from the time of the dinosaurs.

World of the Bizarre

Flat Earthers are planning a trip to Antarctica

3-20-2019 | 72

Flat Earth enthusiasts maintain that they can prove that the Earth is flat by finding 'the edge of the world'.

Nature & Environment

Ultra-rare penguin caught on film in Antarctica

 VIDEO  2-19-2019 | 5

This emperor penguin recorded for a BBC documentary is almost entirely black due to a rare genetic mutation.

Science & Technology

Huge cavity found beneath Antarctic glacier

1-31-2019 | 8

The world's 'most dangerous' glacier has developed a gaping hole around two-thirds the size of Manhattan.

Science & Technology

Evidence of life found in deep Antarctic lake

1-19-2019 | 8

Scientists have discovered the remains of several types of organisms in a lake over 1km beneath the ice.

Science & Technology

Scientists drill in to 'lost' Antarctic lake

1-2-2019 | 3

Hidden 4,000ft beneath the surface of the ice, Lake Mercer remains a tantalizing target for investigation.

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