Monday, December 11, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of downed UFOs over US sparks 'alien invasion' fears

2-13-2023 | 100

Three unidentified objects have now been downed by fighter jets over North America and we still don't know what they are.

The UFO Phenomenon

Neil deGrasse Tyson: 'we have crowdsourced an alien invasion'

12-16-2022 | 11

The popular astrophysicist is certainly no fan of the term 'unidentified aerial phenomena' or the idea of alien visitation.

World of the Bizarre

'Time traveler' warns of an impending alien invasion

11-19-2021 | 34

A man claiming to be from the future has already amassed over one billion views on video sharing site TikTok.


Arnold tops UK alien invasion defense poll

3-19-2021 | 17

The UK public have picked the Terminator himself - Arnold Schwarzenegger - to protect them from aliens.


How would mankind handle an alien invasion ?

6-1-2020 | 86

There are distinct similarities between the coronavirus pandemic and a potential extraterrestrial threat.

Space & Astronomy

NASA launch sparks 'alien invasion' fears

 VIDEO  4-8-2019 | 13

A recent NASA rocket launch produced a strange and rather spectacular light show in the skies over Norway.

The UFO Phenomenon

Hoaxers plan 'alien invasion' in April

3-3-2014 | 89

Volunteers are lining up to take part in an alien invasion prank made up of drones disguised as UFOs.


'War of the Worlds' broadcast turns 75

10-31-2013 | 25

It has been three quarters of a century since Orson Welles' infamous broadcast about an alien invasion.


Radio spoof causes 'alien invasion' panic

9-5-2013 | 31

A radio station got more than it bargained for when a promotional invasion spoof got out of control.


Alien invasion hoax hinted for Olympics

7-6-2012 | 53

Rumours and conspiracy theories are abound in the run up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.


Hawking warns of alien invasion threat

5-29-2011 | 108

Stephen Hawking has said that any attempt to contact extraterrestrial life could be dangerous.

The UFO Phenomenon

"Alien invasion" hoax taken seriously in 1967

3-5-2011 | 17

Newly released UFO files recount a hoax that sparked fears of a real life alien invasion in the 1960s.

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