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Nature & Environment

The world's largest snake is actually two genetically different species

2-20-2024 | 15

Found in the rivers and wetlands of South America, the green anaconda is very much more than meets the eye.

Nature & Environment

Can the 'walking palm' really use its stilt roots to move around ?

1-1-2024 | 12

For decades, there have been stories of a particular type of South American palm tree that can 'walk' several meters a year.

Archaeology & History

New study confirms age of oldest footprints in North America

10-8-2023 | 19

Scientists have confirmed that the footprints at White Sands National Park really are 23,000 years old.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Do you believe that you have ever been visited by a dead relative ?

8-29-2023 | 25

A new survey has indicated that more than half of Americans believe that they're loved ones have come back to visit them.

The UFO Phenomenon

More Americans than ever now believe in UFOs, polls suggest

8-3-2023 | 65

Recent revelations about UFOs, as well as the recent subcommittee hearing, have rekindled interest in the topic.

The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon has footage of UFOs being shot down... but it's classified

3-31-2023 | 44

Officials have confirmed the existence of recent footage showing UAPs being shot down over North America.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mystery of downed UFOs over US sparks 'alien invasion' fears

2-13-2023 | 100

Three unidentified objects have now been downed by fighter jets over North America and we still don't know what they are.

World of the Bizarre

Artist trains monkey to give him a permanent tattoo with a needle gun

 VIDEO  2-8-2023 | 8

South American social media influencer Funky Matas recently published a video showcasing the insane stunt.

Space & Astronomy

Today marks 52 years since Apollo 14 landed on the Moon

2-5-2023 | 1

Despite a few technical hiccups, the mission succeeded in further cementing America's dominance in the space race.

Nature & Environment

Enormous monster-like eel found washed up on a beach in Texas

1-30-2023 | 8

This huge marine creature - a 4-foot-long American eel - has been described as 'basically as big as they get'.

Archaeology & History

Archaeologists identify 168 previously unseen Nazca lines

12-21-2022 | 2

An aerial investigation of the Nazca Desert in South America has yielded the discovery of many more geoglyphs.

Modern Mysteries

Bizarre moaning sounds seem to be plaguing American Airlines flights

9-28-2022 | 23

Some passengers have been reporting very strange sounds over the intercom during their flight.

Archaeology & History

Seven times people discovered the Americas - and how they got there

9-13-2022 | 27

Christopher Columbus reached the Americas in 1492, but he certainly wasn't the first to do so.

Space & Astronomy

60th anniversary of John Glenn's orbital spaceflight

 VIDEO  2-21-2022 | 1

On February 20th, 1962, NASA astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth.


CIA has been spying on Americans (again)

2-12-2022 | 18

The Central Intelligence Agency has reportedly been collecting data as part of a previously undisclosed program.

Archaeology & History

Solar storm helps to date Viking settlement in North America

10-25-2021 | 9

New evidence has helped scientists pinpoint exactly when the Vikings were active on the continent.

The UFO Phenomenon

Demi Lovato discusses her new UFO TV series

 VIDEO  9-27-2021 | 8

The American singer will be hosting a new unscripted show all about investigating the UFO phenomenon.


Oldest human footprints in North America found

9-26-2021 | 17

Archaeologists have identified what are now thought to be the oldest footprints ever found on the continent.

Archaeology & History

LIDAR reveals hidden secrets of Teotihuacan

9-25-2021 | 3

Traces of the ancient South American city can still be found in the roads and structures of modern Mexico.

The UFO Phenomenon

More Americans now believe UFOs are alien

8-26-2021 | 49

A recent Gallup poll has highlighted an upward trend in the number of people who believe that UFOs are alien.

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