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Archaeology & History

Map shows evidence of long-lost 'Welsh Atlantis'

8-22-2022 | 5

A legendary lost land once thought to exist in Cardigan Bay has shown up on an old 13-Century map of the British Isles.

Archaeology & History

'iPhone case' unearthed in 'Russian Atlantis'

 VIDEO  9-14-2019 | 8

A belt buckle exhibiting a surprisingly familiar shape has been discovered at a dig site in southern Siberia.

Archaeology & History

Ancient temple found in 'Egyptian Atlantis'

 VIDEO  8-5-2019 | 10

Archaeologists have made multiple discoveries within the submerged ruins of the Egyptian city of Heracleion.

Nature & Environment

'Bird from Atlantis' mystery finally solved

11-5-2018 | 20

The origin of a flightless bird found only on a remote island in the Atlantic has puzzled scientists for years.

Archaeology & History

Could the island city of Nan Madol be Atlantis?

 VIDEO  11-6-2017 | 57

Built on an island in the middle of the Pacific, this mysterious ancient city remains a modern-day enigma.

Archaeology & History

James Cameron finds 'evidence of Atlantis'

 VIDEO  2-1-2017 | 1064

The famed movie director has linked the discovery of bronze age anchors to the legend of Atlantis.

Archaeology & History

Violent storms destroyed 'Britain's Atlantis'

2-21-2016 | 3

New evidence has been found of the storms that sunk the busy coastal town of Dunwich 700 years ago.


Archaeologists seek out 'Britain's Atlantis'

9-1-2015 | 8

Researchers are attempting to learn more about the people who were swallowed up by the North Sea.

Archaeology & History

Was Atlantis on the Moroccan coast ?

3-17-2015 | 564

Late German computer expert Michael Hubner believed that he had found the site of the fabled lost city.

Archaeology & History

Atlantis metal orichalcum found in shipwreck

1-8-2015 | 96

Archaeologists have uncovered ingots of the legendary alloy in a ship that sunk 2,600 years ago.

Science & Technology

Modern day Atlantis may be possible by 2030

11-23-2014 | 13

A Japanese construction company is planning to build underwater complexes that corkscrew in to the ocean.

Archaeology & History

Divers uncover relics of Stone Age 'Atlantis'

1-28-2014 | 22

Stone Age artifacts left behind by Swedish nomads have been unearthed on the floor of the Baltic Sea.

Archaeology & History

Sub discovers signs of legendary Atlantis

5-8-2013 | 134

A large mass of granite has been discovered on the sea floor off the coast of Rio de Janeiro.

Archaeology & History

Has Atlantis been found in Spain ?

7-26-2011 | 109

Scientists believe that have finally discovered the whereabouts of the fabled lost city of Atlantis.

Space & Astronomy

Final space shuttle mission draws to a close

 VIDEO  7-21-2011 | 17

The space shuttle Atlantis has successfully touched down at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Space & Astronomy

Shuttle launches in historic final flight

7-8-2011 | 20

Space shuttle Atlantis has launched successfully from Cape Canaveral for the very last time.

Space & Astronomy

Atlantis prepares for final shuttle mission

6-19-2011 | 18

After 30 years of space shuttle launches next month will see the end of an era for manned space flight.

Archaeology & History

Atlantis (maybe) rediscovered in Spain

3-16-2011 | 41

Analysis of underwater remains of a suspected ancient city leads research team to Southern Spain.

Archaeology & History

Has Atlantis been found on Google Ocean ?

8-7-2010 | 69

A rectangular shaped feature that looks like a street grid in the middle of the sea has been spotted on Google Ocean.

Archaeology & History

Is Atlantis buried in Spain ?

2-13-2010 | 28

Archaeologists are searching for an ancient civilization in Spain that could help pinpoint the lost city of Atlantis.

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