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Science & Technology

Do video games help or hinder your brain ?

8-11-2017 | 52

Scientists have been studying the impact different types of games have on certain areas of the brain.

Science & Technology

Mobile phones can reduce your brain power

6-27-2017 | 12

Scientists have determined that merely having your phone nearby can reduce your capacity to concentrate.

Science & Technology

Our brains contain 11-dimensional structures

6-13-2017 | 39

New research has revealed that the human brain is a lot more complex than anyone had ever imagined.

Science & Technology

Bioquark wants to revive brain-dead patients

6-6-2017 | 7

The Philadelphia-based company is hoping to bring brain-dead patients back to life using stem cells.


Mystery human species had an advanced brain

4-24-2017 | 2

Homo naledi's brain may not have been as big as that of a modern human, but it was still sophisticated.

Science & Technology

Scientists unravel how and when people dream

4-20-2017 | 4

Researchers have been working on a new way to identify the parts of the brain responsible for dreaming.

Science & Technology

Sleep may help us forget, claim scientists

2-7-2017 | 13

The pruning of synaptic connections in the brain may be one of the primary reasons that we need sleep.

Science & Technology

Brain interface mind-reads locked-in patients

2-1-2017 | 9

A new mind-reading breakthrough has made it possible to communicate with completely locked-in patients.

Science & Technology

Will true mind reading be possible in 2017 ?

 VIDEO  12-23-2016 | 10

Recent advances in computer-brain interfaces could soon make brain-to-brain communication a reality.

Science & Technology

Ice cream for breakfast 'makes you smarter'

11-25-2016 | 27

A Japanese scientist has revealed that eating the frozen dessert for breakfast boosts mental performance.

Science & Technology

14-year-old wins right to cryogenic freezing

11-18-2016 | 6

A controversial court ruling has made it possible for a young cancer patient to be frozen after death.

Science & Technology

US military trials electric brain stimulation

11-14-2016 | 7

Drone operators and other military personnel could have their effectiveness boosted by electrical pulses.


World's first dinosaur brain fossil unearthed

 VIDEO  10-29-2016 | 4

The discovery was made by fossil hunter Jamie Hiscocks who found the specimen on a beach near London.

Space & Astronomy

Mars astronauts vulnerable to 'space brain'

10-10-2016 | 28

Astronauts embarking on missions in to deep space could be at an increased risk of developing dementia.

Natural World

Are apes able to tell what you are thinking ?

10-7-2016 | 16

A new study has shown that our primate cousins may be able to tell what's going on in each other's heads.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are we all living in a 'conceptual prison' ?

9-5-2016 | 18

Our brains may actually perceive only a fraction of reality to help ensure the survival of our species.

Science & Technology

VR helps paralyzed patients to walk again

 VIDEO  8-12-2016 | 5

In a remarkable breakthrough, a brain training system has restored movement in eight paraplegic patients.

Natural World

Ducks much smarter than previously thought

7-18-2016 | 7

Ducks and other birds may possess far greater cognitive abilities than anyone had ever realized.

Science & Technology

Bug may invalidate 15 years of brain research

7-8-2016 | 1

A computer software bug has potentially rendered over a decade's worth of brain studies totally void.

Natural World

Plants are very good at making decisions

 VIDEO  7-4-2016 | 14

Despite not even having a brain, plants are actually quite adept at making important life choices.

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