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Science & Technology

'First-night effect' sees brain staying alert

4-23-2016 | 11

Scientists have found that half your brain stays alert when you try to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings.

Science & Technology

Does consciousness occur in 'time slices' ?

4-18-2016 | 30

Scientists have shed new light on how we experience the world through our perception of consciousness.

Science & Technology

Implant helps paralyzed man move his hand

 VIDEO  4-14-2016 | 4

Scientists have been working on a way to help paralysis patients regain some movement in their hands.

Science & Technology

Scientists bring a frozen brain back to life

4-8-2016 | 18

In a world first, researchers have managed to successfully thaw a cryonically frozen rabbit brain.

Science & Technology

Can your beard cause your brain to overheat ?

3-13-2016 | 13

The beard has been scientifically proven to help keep your face warm, but is it too good at its job ?

Science & Technology

Scientists are aiming to revive a human brain

2-8-2016 | 28

A $100,000 prize is being offered to anyone who can successfully preserve a fully functional human brain.

Science & Technology

US military is working on a neural interface

1-23-2016 | 14

Scientists are developing a way to create an interface between a computer and a soldier's brain.

Science & Technology

Human memory capacity is 'ten times larger'

1-22-2016 | 9

Scientists believe that the human brain can remember ten times as much information as previously thought.

Science & Technology

Hypnotized patients undergo brain surgery

1-1-2016 | 7

Hypnosis has been found to be a viable alternative to anesthesia for patients undergoing brain surgery.

Science & Technology

Gene therapy may be able to make you smarter

12-23-2015 | 5

Scientists have discovered the region of the brain responsible for determining human intelligence.

Science & Technology

Company in new bid to resurrect frozen brains

 VIDEO  11-29-2015 | 12

Humai is aiming to make it possible to freeze someone's brain and resurrect them again within 30 years.

Metaphysics & Psychology

5-year-old genius is alleged to be telepathic

 VIDEO  11-17-2015 | 72

5-year-old Ramses Sanguino has allegedly developed the ability to read numbers from his mother's mind.

World of the Bizarre

Man told by doctor he had 30 minutes to live

11-6-2015 | 15

When Luis Ortiz went to the doctor with a headache he was confronted with some rather unsettling news.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop 'feeling' artificial skin

10-19-2015 | 5

A new type of material is able to detect pressure and transmit that information directly to the brain.

Science & Technology

Paralyzed man uses brain power to walk again

 VIDEO  9-24-2015 | 8

A paraplegic has been able to take his first tentative steps thanks to a new brain to computer interface.

Science & Technology

Two human brains linked in guessing game

 VIDEO  9-23-2015 | 12

Scientists have succeeded in enabling brain-to-brain communication between two people over the Internet.

Science & Technology

Are we all living in a fake universe ?

 VIDEO  8-5-2015 | 42

Could our entire existence and everything we perceive of the world be inside a computer simulation ?

Science & Technology

Real-life 'mind melds' could help brains heal

7-22-2015 | 8

Scientists believe that linking up two brains could help to treat a range of neurological conditions.

Science & Technology

Scream studies could lead to scarier alarms

7-21-2015 | 8

Researchers have been attempting to better understand the science behind the sound of a human scream.

Science & Technology

New computer operates like the human brain

7-9-2015 | 3

A new brain-like computer called 'memcomputer' could help solve the world's most enduring maths problems.

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