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Science & Technology

Vast Canadian river disappeared in four days

4-18-2017 | 11

Last year the Slims river totally vanished in what is thought to be a modern case of 'river piracy'.

The UFO Phenomenon

1,131 UFO reports filed in Canada last year

4-6-2017 | 16

The Canadian UFO Survey has revealed in its annual list that 2016 was a busy year for UFO sightings.

World of the Bizarre

Couple celebrate their third huge lottery win

4-6-2017 | 15

Douglas and Barbara Fink, who are from Canada, have won the lottery three times in the last 28 years.

World of the Bizarre

Student flies to Sydney, Canada by mistake

4-1-2017 | 23

Milan Schipper has become the latest hapless air traveler to wind up in Canada instead of Australia.

World of the Bizarre

Canadian town's water supply has turned pink

3-8-2017 | 10

Residents of Onoway, Alberta were alarmed to discover that their tap water was running bright pink.

Science & Technology

Spectacular light pillars appear over Canada

 VIDEO  1-13-2017 | 10

An unusual natural phenomenon was spotted over Ontario a week ago by YouTuber Timmy Joe Elzinga.

Modern Mysteries

Cause of mass fish die-off remains a mystery

1-1-2017 | 6

As many as 20,000 fish and other sea creatures have recently washed up in Canada and nobody knows why.

World of the Bizarre

Car-licking moose on the loose in Canada

 VIDEO  12-16-2016 | 20

A warning has gone out to motorists to beware of moose licking the salt off the side of their cars.

Modern Mysteries

Canadian military investigates strange sounds

11-4-2016 | 54

A surveillance plane has been looking in to reports of a 'pinging' sound in the Fury and Hecla Strait.


New species of tiny pterosaur discovered

9-1-2016 | 2

A flying reptile with a wingspan of only 1.5 meters has been identified from fossils found in Canada.

World of the Bizarre

Woman is stalked by a wolf for over 12 hours

6-18-2016 | 22

Joanne Barnaby had been picking mushrooms when she encountered a deadly and persistent adversary.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Juror excused after visit from victim's ghost

6-14-2016 | 28

A juror for a murder trial in Canada wrote to the judge after the victim's spirit appeared to her.

Archaeology & History

1,000-year-old Viking site found in Canada

4-4-2016 | 96

Archaeologists have unearthed what is only the second known Viking site ever discovered in North America.

Nature & Environment

Man films the ground 'breathing in and out'

 VIDEO  11-11-2015 | 22

New footage has emerged showing the ground literally heaving up and down within a forest in Canada.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Mystery howls spark Bigfoot hunt in Canada

 VIDEO  9-28-2015 | 55

Residents of a remote island community have been plagued by mysterious screams and howling noises.

World of the Bizarre

Bear with a blue head filmed in Canada

 VIDEO  9-4-2015 | 23

Aaron Smith had been driving along a road in British Columbia when he spotted something very unusual.

The UFO Phenomenon

Military denies Manitoba UFO crash rumors

2-23-2015 | 46

Multiple witness reports of a light in the sky were followed up by an unusually high military presence.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO appears during Canadian news report

 VIDEO  8-19-2014 | 43

A bright object can be seen shooting across the sky during a news item about a fire in West Kelowna.

The UFO Phenomenon

Report compiles 25 years of Canadian UFOs

8-18-2014 | 13

A UFO research group has documented every reported sighting over the last quarter of a century.


Tyrannosaurus rex may have hunted in packs

7-24-2014 | 11

New fossil evidence unearthed in Canada suggests that the meat-eating behemoth may not have hunted alone.

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