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Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghost hunters photograph eerie figure in derelict church

7-24-2022 | 21

Paranormal investigators have captured an image of a mysterious figure in an abandoned church in Cornwall.

Archaeology & History

'Witches' marks' found in old church ruins

10-23-2020 | 6

Archaeologists have discovered 12th-Century stone markings that were created to ward off evil spirits.

The UFO Phenomenon

Footballer posts video of 'crazy' UFO on Twitter

3-28-2020 | 17

Retired footballer Simon Church raised eyebrows recently when he shared footage he'd taken of a UFO.

World of the Bizarre

Vicar catches on fire during online sermon

3-22-2020 | 8

A Plymouth vicar managed to set his own clothes on fire while filming for his church's online Sunday service.

World of the Bizarre

'Possessed' man drives SUV through church

 VIDEO  1-15-2020 | 5

A 38-year-old man in Spain recently rammed his way into a church in Toledo after believing that he was possessed.


Exorcism course opens its doors in Rome

 VIDEO  5-10-2019 | 19

For the first time, the Roman Catholic Church is offering exorcism training to all major Christian denominations.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Bizarre sea creature washes up in New Zealand

11-28-2018 | 18

This strange looking 'sea monster' was found washed up on a beach near Christchurch after a storm.

Archaeology & History

Painting of young Jesus discovered in church

11-16-2018 | 9

Archaeologists have partially reconstructed a 1,500-year-old depiction of Jesus when he was a young man.

Modern Mysteries

$42,000 found stuffed in priest's confessional

6-11-2018 | 7

The huge sum of money had been left by an anonymous benefactor in the confessional of a church in Rome.


Man-sized penguin fossil found in New Zealand

12-12-2017 | 4

The remains of an enormous prehistoric penguin have been found on a beach to the south of Christchurch.

Archaeology & History

Tomb of Jesus is much older than thought

 VIDEO  11-29-2017 | 9

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is now thought to date back more than 1,700 years.

Archaeology & History

Five 'lost' archbishops found beneath church

4-16-2017 | 6

The remains of five former Archbishops of Canterbury have been unearthed under a medieval parish church.


Churchill's views on alien life revealed

2-16-2017 | 14

Britain's wartime Prime Minister wrote many articles long before ever stepping foot in Downing Street.


Catholic Church: 'exorcists in urgent demand'

9-29-2016 | 97

A rise in occult and superstitious practices has allegedly brought about a major exorcist shortage.

Archaeology & History

Mysterious religious icon found in Bethlehem

2-25-2016 | 34

The unknown artifact was unearthed during restoration work at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Ghostly monk filmed at old abandoned church

 VIDEO  2-20-2016 | 17

Two paranormal investigators recorded a strange figure during a visit to a church in Clophill, England.


Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens

5-13-2014 | 131

The Pope has stated that the doors of the church are open to everyone - including extraterrestrials.

Archaeology & History

100-year-old bottle of beer found in church

3-22-2014 | 12

The beverage was discovered at St Piran's Oratory, one of the UK's oldest places of Christian workship.


Vatican training new generation of exorcists

1-7-2014 | 24

A rise in demand for exorcists has prompted the Catholic Church to ramp up its training efforts.

World of the Bizarre

Dog visits owner's church after her death

1-17-2013 | 33

A 12-year-old German shepherd has taken to visiting the church his owner attended before she died.

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