Friday, June 14, 2024
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Creatures, Myths & Legends

Woman films 'exotic black cat' prowling around a field in Scotland

 VIDEO  2-26-2024 | 15

The footage, which was captured near Kirriemuir, Angus, shows a dark-colored animal walking through tall grass.

Space & Astronomy

It turns out that Neptune and Uranus are almost identical in color

1-5-2024 | 0

For decades, Neptune was thought to be rich blue and Uranus was thought to be pale green.

Nature & Environment

Mystery as pond in Hawaii nature reserve turns bright shade of pink

 VIDEO  11-13-2023 | 1

Local wildlife authorities have been attempting to figure out exactly what might be responsible for the color change.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Alleged 'Bigfoot' filmed from window of moving train in Colorado

 VIDEO  10-12-2023 | 47

A train passenger recently captured video footage of a hairy humanoid figure walking across a nearby hillside.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Tourist photographs strange dark shape in Scotland's Loch Ness

6-17-2023 | 11

The large, dark-colored anomaly could be seen just beneath the water's surface.

The UFO Phenomenon

Missile test launch sparks UFO scare in South Korea

 VIDEO  12-31-2022 | 5

Social media was awash on Friday with reports of strange objects, vapor trails and colored lights over the country.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds spate of unexplained cattle deaths in Colorado

12-4-2022 | 18

Officials have struggled to come up with an explanation for the deaths of at least 40 cows over the last two months.

Nature & Environment

Very rare white humpback whale found washed up on beach

7-25-2022 | 4

Experts have been attempting to determine what gave the unusual ocean-dwelling giant its distinct coloration.

Modern Mysteries

Woman with 'superpower' can see 100 million colors

 VIDEO  1-31-2022 | 23

Artist Concetta Antico has a view of the world unlike any other thanks to a unique feature of her eyes.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Snowboarder encountered 'Bigfoot' in Colorado Rockies

1-18-2022 | 32

A British man who had been snowboarding in the Rockies observed a mysterious bipedal creature.

World of the Bizarre

Woman marries the color pink in historic ceremony

 VIDEO  1-15-2022 | 9

Unable to find the perfect (human) partner, Kitten Kay Sera decided to marry the color pink instead.

Nature & Environment

Why is the giant panda black and white ?

11-17-2021 | 1

A trio of scientists explain exactly how they determined the reason behind the panda's distinctive coloration.

Nature & Environment

Tasmanian tiger footage remastered in 4k color

 VIDEO  9-7-2021 | 10

Footage of the last known thylacine in captivity has been remastered to mark 85 years since its death.

Nature & Environment

Visitors flock to Devil's Bath in New Zealand

 VIDEO  8-2-2021 | 0

This unique and brightly colored natural wonder might look pretty, but you definitely don't want to swim in it.

World of the Bizarre

'Captured sasquatch' turns heads in Colorado

 VIDEO  6-9-2021 | 4

A 'Bigfoot' being transported from Ohio to Colorado managed to attract a fair amount of attention.

Nature & Environment

Yellow penguin spotted in the South Atlantic

2-20-2021 | 5

An unusual penguin with some unique coloration has been photographed on a remote island near Antarctica.

Nature & Environment

This 'pile of rope' is actually a live sea creature

2-6-2021 | 0

If you've ever come across a coil of colorful 'rope' along the shoreline, it might not be quite what it seems.

World of the Bizarre

'Project Loon' sparks UFO scare over the Congo

 VIDEO  8-27-2020 | 2

A large silver-colored object that crashed deep in the jungle was initially mistaken for something otherworldly.

Modern Mysteries

'Cursed' rock is returned to Colorado park

7-26-2020 | 7

A rock that was picked up three years ago from a park in Colorado has since been branded 'cursed' by its owner.

Science & Technology

The snow on the Italian Alps is turning pink

7-6-2020 | 2

Scientists have been investigating why large swathes of glacial ice have turned a peculiar pink color.

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