Friday, July 12, 2024
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Workers spot large 'dark metallic disc' over Red Rocks Amphitheatre

By T.K. Randall
July 5, 2024 · Comment icon 57 comments
Red Rocks Amphitheatre.
Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Sarbjit Bahga
The iconic Colorado venue was the scene of a UFO sighting involving multiple witnesses back in June.
Situated around 10 miles to the south-west of Denver, Colorado, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is a large, open air venue capable of seating almost 10,000 people at any one time.

But it wasn't one of the acts performing on stage that gained attention back on June 5th - it was a strange object spotted in the sky over the venue by at least a dozen members of staff.

Visible in the northern sky at around 1am, the object was described by witnesses as a "dark metallic disc" which measured several hundred feet in length and had "three levels of windows".

"One of our coworkers suddenly said to us, 'Hey, what is that over there? It looks like a spaceship,'" one of the witnesses wrote.
"We all turned to look in the direction he was pointing and sure enough, there was a UFO hovering."

The object remained in place for around 30 seconds before heading toward the east.

"Then it started fading away until it was invisible," the witness continued.

"It didn't shoot off into the distance. It simply dissolved into the ether. We all watched it vanish. This was not a plane. It wasn't a satellite, a drone, or anything like that."

"There was no mistaking what this was."

Source: USA Today | Comments (57)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #48 Posted by astrobeing 4 days ago
The problem I see is that we could spend that money on things that would make this a nation more worth defending. At this point I'm honestly considering taking my money and emigrating to a more sane country.
Comment icon #49 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 4 days ago
I don't disagree with you; however, I still believe that in today's world climate that we need to keep our defenses up to date. As far as leaving the country, I don't blame you at all. My wife and I have lived in South Korea since 2014, and if Trump is re-elected, we will not return for at least 4 more years! Peace
Comment icon #50 Posted by astrobeing 3 days ago
They are. There's no need for slow $250 million planes to drop bombs on people these days.
Comment icon #51 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 3 days ago
As someone with a military background, I must express my complete disagreement.
Comment icon #52 Posted by Piney 3 days ago
Because he's shittier than a politician in South Korea which is really saying something. 
Comment icon #53 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 3 days ago
You're certainly right, Piney. Every outgoing President of South Korea has faced arrest for corruption, a problem that permeates all levels of government here. However, this issue is not confined to South Korea; it seems to have become normalized behavior in many Asian countries. Peace Bro
Comment icon #54 Posted by Piney 3 days ago
Sometimes I think the local politicians sic'd the Evangelical preachers on me when the AFSC and Silk Road Foundation helped record and restore Shamanism. They were so hostile and childish it was pathetic. That's why I jump on Noin here even though I like him. His hostility towards Shamanism when he comes from a long line of them.
Comment icon #55 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 3 days ago
Thank you for the explanation, however it wasn't necessary because you were right target as always, my friend. ?
Comment icon #56 Posted by Resume 3 days ago
Plenty of good eats and stuff where you are now, you know, just in case the Apricot Anus gets back in charge.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Grim Reaper 6 3 days ago
I have been married to a Korean woman for 38 years, and I certainly love Korean food. Korea and Koreans in general are very interesting if you ever visit this country don’t ever take a Taxi, the way Koreans drive will make you crap ? your pants!

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