Monday, August 8, 2022
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Modern Mysteries

Queen's Brian May photographs a crop circle

5-25-2022 | 22

The legendary rock guitarist, who has a PhD in astrophysics, recently spotted something odd in a field in the UK.

Modern Mysteries

'Templar' crop circle shows up in French field

 VIDEO  7-16-2020 | 56

An intricate and impressive crop formation described as a 'Templar cross' has appeared in northern France.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circle appears bright green in autumn field

 VIDEO  11-3-2019 | 39

Remarkable aerial footage shows a crop circle that is a completely different color to its surroundings.

Modern Mysteries

UK's first crop circle of 2019 discovered

 VIDEO  5-26-2019 | 10

An intriguing pattern of circles has been filmed and photographed in a field near Warminster, Wiltshire.

Modern Mysteries

UFO links 'holding back' crop circle research

8-1-2016 | 67

Professor Richard Taylor has called for a renewed effort to understand how crop circles are formed.

The UFO Phenomenon

Did MI5 pay people to make fake crop circles?

9-25-2015 | 26

A former RAF engineer claims that MI5 hired crop circle hoaxers to discredit the UFO phenomenon.

Modern Mysteries

Drone investigates crop circles in Russia

 VIDEO  6-17-2015 | 8

New aerial footage has been released showing an intricate pattern of circles in a field in Russia.

Modern Mysteries

MI5 spent years investigating crop circles

1-26-2015 | 15

The mysterious patterns were once believed to be secret codes designed to guide German bombers.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circles appear in Mexico over Christmas

 VIDEO  12-30-2014 | 26

The sprawling crop formations were accompanied by sightings of strange lights on Christmas Eve.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circle appears in a field in Germany

 VIDEO  8-1-2014 | 78

The impressive and elaborate crop formation has been attracting thousands of visitors.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery crop formation appears in Russia

7-22-2014 | 30

A series of strange markings appeared in a sunflower field in the Krasnodar region last Thursday.

Modern Mysteries

Intricate crop circle appears in California

 VIDEO  1-1-2014 | 116

A strange crop circle has been hitting the headlines since appearing in a barley field east of Salinas.

Modern Mysteries

Are all crop circles man-made ?

1-29-2013 | 162

A crop circle expert from Australia believes that he has evidence to suggest that they aren't.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circles appear in Eastern Washington

8-2-2012 | 31

A series of mysterious crop circles have turned up in a wheat field near to the Grand Coulee dam.

Modern Mysteries

Crop circle secrets and physics

8-2-2011 | 12

Its one the most enduring phenomena of recent times, but just how are complex crop circles created ?

Modern Mysteries

200ft crop circle within yards of Stonehenge

7-15-2011 | 28

A massive crop circle has turned up in a wheat field right next to the historic Stonehenge.

Modern Mysteries

The first crop circle of the season appears

5-4-2011 | 37

A complex 100ft crop circle has turned up in a field of oil seed rape in Wiltshire, England.

Modern Mysteries

"Holy Grail" crop circle appears in Britain

8-22-2010 | 30

A 300 foot crop circle that appears to depict the Holy Grail has appeared in a field in Wiltshire, England.

Modern Mysteries

Two crop circles depicting Shroud of Turin?

8-5-2010 | 42

Two crop circles have turned up near the M4 motorway in England that appear to depict the face of Jesus.

Modern Mysteries

Mysterious new crop circles appear in UK

6-30-2010 | 54

An intricate formation of almost 200 crop circles has turned up in a field in Wiltshire.

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