Monday, September 26, 2022
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Archaeology & History

Nail 'from Jesus' crucifixion' found in monastery

12-24-2020 | 17

A nail thought to have been used during the crucifixion of Jesus himself has been found inside a hidden chamber.


Tourists flock to view crucifix in Lake Michigan

 VIDEO  3-15-2019 | 6

A large marble crucifix at the bottom of the lake has been attracting visitors to Petoskey for decades.


Man hauls 12ft crucifix around the world

3-2-2013 | 53

60-year-old Lindsay Hamon has carried a huge crucifix several thousand miles across 19 countries.

Space & Astronomy

Was 774AD 'red crucifix' a supernova ?

7-2-2012 | 5

A mysterious red cross in the sky in 774AD may have been a previously unrecognised supernova explosion.


Jesus crucifixion nails discovered

4-13-2011 | 39

Simcha Jacobovici believes he has located two of the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Family capture ghost on home video

 VIDEO  3-29-2011 | 108

A young family being terrorised by a poltergeist have been advised by a priest to wear crucifixes.


Jesus crucifixion thorn goes on display

3-25-2011 | 17

A thorn claimed to be from the crown Jesus wore during his crucifixion has gone on display in Britain.


Filipinos re-enact Christ's Crucifixion

4-3-2010 | 20

Thousands of spectators turned up to watch people being nailed to crosses to mark Good Friday.

Archaeology & History

Nail from the time of Christ's crucifixion found

3-2-2010 | 57

A four inch nail from the time of Christ's crucifixion has been discovered inside an ornate box in a Templar stronghold.

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