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World of the Bizarre

Man falls ill after eating live crab to 'punish' it for pinching his daughter

10-30-2022 | 14

The bizarre incident saw the man end up in hospital following his unique act of crustacean-based revenge.

Nature & Environment

Fisherman catches extremely rare blue lobster

7-5-2022 | 1

The bright blue crustacean, which was caught off the coast of Portland, is thought to be 1 in 2 million.

Nature & Environment

Giant crustacean discovered in the Pacific

6-1-2021 | 6

Scientists have revealed how they discovered a new species of amphipod in the Atacama Trench.

Nature & Environment

Coconut crab is world's strongest crustacean

 VIDEO  11-25-2016 | 1

The huge terrestrial crab species can exert a pinching force greater than any other crustacean on Earth.

Nature & Environment

Huge 14lb lobster caught off Bermuda coast

10-25-2016 | 11

The gigantic crustacean was caught just one day after Hurricane Nicole swept through the area.

Nature & Environment

Hordes of spider crabs gather near Melbourne

 VIDEO  6-17-2016 | 9

An Australian aquatic scientist has captured footage of the crustaceans congregating in Port Phillip Bay.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Giant 50ft crab appears at Whitstable harbour

10-13-2014 | 76

A bizarre aerial photo showing what looks like a huge crustacean has been circulating the Internet.

Nature & Environment

Very rare blue lobster caught off Maine

8-27-2014 | 8

Teenager Meghan LaPlante discovered the crustacean while checking lobster traps at the weekend.

Nature & Environment

Giant isopod dies after 5-year hunger strike

2-17-2014 | 21

The huge deep sea crustacean was kept at a Japanese aquarium and hadn't eaten for 1,869 days.

Nature & Environment

Giant crustacean discovered in New Zealand

2-3-2012 | 16

A number of gigantic amphipods measuring 10 times the regular size have been fished up from the depths.

Nature & Environment

Bright blue lobster discovered

11-17-2011 | 18

The unusually coloured crustacean was saved from the dinner table when it was spotted at a fish market.

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