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Giant 50ft crab appears at Whitstable harbour

By T.K. Randall
October 13, 2014 · Comment icon 76 comments

The view across Whitstable harbor from ground level. Image Credit: Immanuel Giel
A bizarre aerial photo showing what looks like a huge crustacean has been circulating the Internet.
The picture, which was sent in to the website 'Weird Whitstable', shows the harbor from above with what appears to be a giant crab sitting just below one of the docks.

The image has been featured on a number of mainstream news sites and has generated something of a buzz on social media with Internet users speculating over whether it's an optical illusion, a clever hoax or an actual creature.
Quinton Winter, the owner of the site the image was published on, claims that he witnessed the huge crab himself during the summer. "It had glazed blank eyes on stalks, swivelling wildly and it clearly was a massive crab with crushing claws," he said.

A wider aerial view of the crab in the context of the surrounding area can be found - here.

Source: Mirror | Comments (76)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #67 Posted by spud the mackem 10 years ago
All you guys who want a crab leg or sandwich, just be warned that this crab is of the inedible kind and you would be poisoned if you ate some.
Comment icon #68 Posted by DieChecker 10 years ago
that is TOTALLY the guy i linked to in post #53.... Good Job!
Comment icon #69 Posted by ealdwita 10 years ago
All you guys who want a crab leg or sandwich, just be warned that this crab is of the inedible kind and you would be poisoned if you ate some. Don't worry spud, they eat anything in Whitstable!
Comment icon #70 Posted by Giggling Panzer 10 years ago
This smells like photoshop.
Comment icon #71 Posted by Jacques Terreur 10 years ago
This smells like photoshop. you got a good nose...
Comment icon #72 Posted by Karasu 10 years ago
Comment icon #73 Posted by Midyin 10 years ago
Ahhh, Oblivions fabled "Giant Mud Crab" has made its way into our world... lol
Comment icon #74 Posted by Atuke 10 years ago
Chiluthu Chiluthu
Comment icon #75 Posted by Ever Learning 10 years ago
obviously a fake due to pic lol but if i was going to entertain the idea that it did exist for fun, what the heck would it be able to find for food lol
Comment icon #76 Posted by Skeptic Chicken 9 years ago
Clearly a hoax. But a bucket full of nope if it was real.

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