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Are birthmarks connected to reincarnation ?

11-16-2013 | 64

In some cultures, birthmarks are thought to be connected to aspects of a person's previous life.


Indian state introduces ban on black magic

8-30-2013 | 12

Maharashtra has imposed the new law in response to the recent killing of rationalist Narendra Dabholkar.


China struggles to ban superstition

4-25-2013 | 42

The process of banishing superstitious belief in China has proven to be more difficult than expected.

Science & Technology

Older brain 'too full' for new memories

1-28-2013 | 25

Age-related learning difficulties could be attributed to the fact that we simply run out of memory space.

Science & Technology

US Navy to stash drones under the sea

1-18-2013 | 11

DARPA is reaching out to the research community to help overcome difficulties in making this a reality.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Are two heads really better than one ?

4-21-2012 | 9

New research suggests that people may be better off answering difficult questions by themselves.

Science & Technology

Alarm clock requires PIN code to shut off

2-21-2012 | 16

A new alarm clock has been invented to make things more difficult for those who love the snooze button.

Science & Technology

Suit simulates physical effects of ageing

 VIDEO  1-6-2012 | 15

Scientists at MIT have created a special suit that simulates the physical difficulties of old age.

Nature & Environment

World's oldest plant is 13,000 years old

12-1-2010 | 8

The Jurupa Oak is so old that it was alive during the last Ice Age and before human agriculture.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Different monsters in cultures eerily similar

10-30-2010 | 10

Legends and stories of monsters in different cultures around the world are surprisingly similar.

Science & Technology

Is the age of scientific discovery ending?

9-26-2010 | 40

The limits of the human mind may make future discoveries more and more difficult, warn scientists.

Science & Technology

'Hardest' maths problem 'solved'

8-12-2010 | 4

A computer scientist has solved one of the most difficult and complex mathematics problems in the world.

Space & Astronomy

Phobos could be next target for manned mission

1-29-2010 | 5

While Mars might still be a little too difficult to reach the tiny moon Phobos could offer the perfect destination for a future mission.


What would real extraterrestrials look like ?

1-27-2010 | 8

Aliens have been portrayed in both science fiction and popular culture for years, but what would a real alien look like ?

World of the Bizarre

Real-life Harry Potter laments name

10-24-2009 | 33

A 20-year-old Briton who shares the name of the fictional boy wizard Harry Potter and who even has a scar on his forehea...

Science & Technology

Facial expressions 'not global'

8-16-2009 | 11

People from different cultures read facial expressions differently a new study has suggested. People from East Asia for ...

Archaeology & History

Mystery altar found at Roman fort

7-28-2009 | 7

A huge ornately carved stone altar has been unearthed during excavations at a Roman fort in England. The relic weighs in...

Nature & Environment

New branch of archaeology established

7-17-2009 | 5

A new branch of archaeology has been established to better understand human evolution by studying the material culture o...


Belief and the brain's 'God spot'

3-13-2009 | 29

Scientists say they have located the area of the brain that controls religious faith. It has been suggested that belief ...


Occult and individuality

2-9-2009 | 2

Anthony North returns with another 'Beyond the Blog', this time he's taking a look in to the area of the occult....

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