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Archaeology & History

New Easter Island moai statue discovered in dried-up lake bed

2-28-2023 | 2

The find, which has been described as 'very important', could in fact be the first of many such discoveries.

Archaeology & History

How did the Easter Islanders drink seawater ?

10-3-2021 | 9

Researchers have taken a fresh look at how the island's inhabitants drank water directly out of the ocean.

Archaeology & History

Runaway truck slams into Easter Island statue

 VIDEO  3-9-2020 | 10

A man has been arrested after his truck caused 'incalculable' damage to one of the statues.

Archaeology & History

Do Easter Island's Moai point to fresh water?

10-11-2018 | 17

Scientists have come up with a possible new explanation for the positions of the island's stone statues.

Archaeology & History

Did Easter Islanders sail to South America ?

10-13-2017 | 21

A new study has cast doubt on the idea that the island's inhabitants had contact with Native Americans.

Archaeology & History

Easter Islanders were not wiped out in a war

8-22-2016 | 11

A new study has suggested that the inhabitants of Easter Island were not destroyed by warfare.

Archaeology & History

Easter Island 'hats' were rolled in to place

4-27-2015 | 8

The huge stone headpieces worn by the statues on Easter Island were probably placed using ramps.

Archaeology & History

Easter Island collapse theory challenged

1-10-2015 | 65

A new study has called in to question conventional theories about the disappearance of the islanders.

Archaeology & History

Easter Island collapse theory questioned

1-24-2014 | 51

Academics have cast doubt on the idea that the inhabitants used up all the island's natural resources.

Archaeology & History

Did Easter Island statues 'walk' ?

6-22-2012 | 30

A new theory suggests that the giant stone heads might have been 'walked' upright along the roads.

Archaeology & History

Easter Island heads have full bodies

5-17-2012 | 56

New archaological digs on Easter Island have revealed tall bodies buried beneath the stone heads.

Archaeology & History

Easter Island statue transport mystery deepens

5-15-2010 | 18

The method believed to be used by the inhabitants of Easter Island to move their statues has been called in to question.

Archaeology & History

Giant statues give up hat secret

9-9-2009 | 3

How did the Easter Island statues get their red hats ? Archaeologists now believe that the mysterious headpieces sported...

Archaeology & History

Cave system found on Easter Island

7-16-2009 | 18

A six-kilometer long cave system has been discovered on Easter Island which is believed to have been used by the island'...

Science & Technology

Easter Island compound extends life

7-14-2009 | 9

A compound first discovered in the soil of Easter Island called "rapamycin" has shown promising results when administere...

Archaeology & History

Easter Island’s controversial collapse

2-20-2009 | 1

A new study has suggested that there could have been more to the collapse of Easter Island's society than deforestation....

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