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Science & Technology

Scientists invent device that generates electricity out of thin air

5-25-2023 | 25

The novel 'air-gen' device is capable of continuously generating electricity using almost any material.

Science & Technology

World's deepest hole could be the key to limitless energy

3-13-2022 | 44

One energy company is hoping to change the world by producing electricity from the heat found deep beneath our feet.

Science & Technology

'Bionic mushroom' could power your phone

11-7-2018 | 4

Scientists have converted a regular shop-bought mushroom in to a device that can produce electricity.

World of the Bizarre

Woman receives $284 billion electricity bill

 VIDEO  12-27-2017 | 8

Pennsylvania resident Mary Horomanski couldn't believe what she was reading when she received the bill.

Science & Technology

Could floating wind farms power the planet ?

10-10-2017 | 23

Scientists believe that wind farms in the North Atlantic could provide enough electricity to power the world.

Science & Technology

'Thor' drills down 4.7km beneath Iceland

5-6-2017 | 0

A new experimental project is aiming to generate electricity by harnessing the power of volcanoes.

Science & Technology

Scientists aim to harness power of volcanoes

2-18-2017 | 4

Efforts are underway in Iceland to find ways of turning the heat from volcanoes in to usable electricity.

Space & Astronomy

Miniature black hole could power our planet

2-3-2016 | 19

Stephen Hawking has suggested that a single black hole could power the whole world's electricity supply.

Science & Technology

France uses cheese to generate electricity

12-20-2015 | 4

A novel new method of power generation is being tested out at a power station in the French Alps.

Science & Technology

Urinate on your socks to charge your phone

12-12-2015 | 17

A bizarre new wearable technology can turn urine in to electricity by having it flow through your socks.

Science & Technology

New tech turns radio waves in to electricity

10-4-2015 | 16

A new energy harvesting technology is capable of powering a device from ambient radio frequency waves.

Science & Technology

Can walking around generate electricity ?

10-2-2014 | 12

Scientists have developed a novel new way to turn the act of walking in to a power generation system.

Science & Technology

22% of energy now from renewable sources

8-31-2014 | 16

Almost a quarter of the world's electricity supply is now being produced from renewable energy sources.

Science & Technology

Can we generate electricity from lava ?

2-9-2014 | 4

The heat generated by molten rock could be harnassed as a highly effective source of electricity.

Science & Technology

Can urine charge a cell phone ?

7-20-2013 | 16

It may soon be possible to charge up a mobile device using a urine powered electricity generator.

Science & Technology

Scientists generate electricity with viruses

5-16-2012 | 7

Scientists have developed a means with which to use viruses to power small electrical devices.

Science & Technology

Weed zapper fires 2,500-volt charges

1-23-2012 | 22

Dr Mike Diprose has invented a new device for killing weeds that works by zapping them with electricity.

Science & Technology

Scientists generate power from urine

11-13-2011 | 19

Experiments involving the generation of electricity from urine have initially proven successful.

Science & Technology

Electrical magic wand puts out fires

3-30-2011 | 8

Scientists search for a new way to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently with electricity.

Science & Technology

Can gyms generate their own power ?

11-28-2010 | 1

Its an idea that isn't actually all that new, using exercise equipment in gyms to generate electricity.

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