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Science & Technology

German physicists to tackle EmDrive mystery

6-10-2019 | 11

Scientists in Germany have built a measurement device to determine if the enigmatic EmDrive actually works.

Space & Astronomy

New tests cast doubt on 'impossible' EmDrive

5-24-2018 | 31

Researchers in Germany may have found an explanation for the thrust produced by the controversial drive.

Space & Astronomy

Has China managed to crack NASA's EmDrive ?

9-13-2017 | 33

Chinese scientists have allegedly built a working prototype of the 'impossible' space engine.

Space & Astronomy

China is testing a working EmDrive in space

12-20-2016 | 20

China claims that it is currently testing the 'impossible' space engine on the Tiangong 2 space station.

Space & Astronomy

EmDrive space engine test passes peer review

11-22-2016 | 19

NASA's 'impossible' propulsion system continues to intrigue as it receives its first peer-reviewed paper.

Science & Technology

Patent for second-generation EmDrive revealed

10-19-2016 | 27

EmDrive inventor Roger Shawyer has received a new patent for the next version of his 'impossible' engine.

Space & Astronomy

Can EmDrive take us to Mars in 70 days ?

9-4-2016 | 24

NASA's mysterious electromagnetic propulsion engine has managed to pass a rigorous peer review process.

Science & Technology

How does NASA's EmDrive actually work ?

4-22-2016 | 24

Scientists have been coming up with new ideas to explain how the controversial propulsion system works.

Science & Technology

NASA's mysterious EMDrive still seems to work

11-7-2015 | 49

A propulsion system that has been frequently branded as 'impossible' does actually work, claims NASA.

Science & Technology

NASA's EMDrive actually appears to work

7-29-2015 | 69

A German scientist​ has confirmed that NASA's inexplicable new propulsion system actually does work.

Space & Astronomy

Has NASA just discovered warp drive ?

4-28-2015 | 70

The space agency has reportedly produced a Star Trek style 'warp field' inside an experimental engine.

Space & Astronomy

NASA gives fuel-less EmDrive a thumbs up

8-2-2014 |

A remarkable new type of propulsion system has been turning heads in the scientific community.

Science & Technology

"Impossible" device could propel flying cars

10-31-2009 | 7

Considered by many to be an impossibility, the Emdrive is a device that if real could propel everything from spaceships ...

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