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Space & Astronomy

ESA plans to 3D print a base on the moon

 VIDEO  11-7-2014 | 14

The European Space Agency has outlined its concept for a habitable moon base built by an automated robot.

The UFO Phenomenon

France maintains state-run UFO research unit

11-4-2014 | 61

France is now the only country in Europe to maintain its own state-run UFO investigation center.

Archaeology & History

Indonesia rock art dates back 40,000 years

 VIDEO  10-9-2014 | 4

Ancient cave drawings found in Indonesia show that early Europeans weren't the only ones creating art.

Nature & Environment

Radioactive wild boar wander Europe's woods

9-3-2014 | 23

The effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster are still being felt in Europe more than 28 years later.

Space & Astronomy

Rosetta probe arrives at comet after 10 years

8-6-2014 | 86

The European spacecraft has finally reached its destination after traveling over 6 billion kilometers.


Huge new meat-eating dinosaur unearthed

3-7-2014 | 9

Torvosaurus gurneyi is believed to be the largest predator ever to roam across the European landmass.

Space & Astronomy

2bn Gaia space probe successfully launches

12-20-2013 | 7

The European probe has embarked on an ambitious 5-year mission to map our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Archaeology & History

Minoan civilization originated in Europe

5-18-2013 | 47

New DNA evidence has suggested that the ancient Minoans may not have originated in Egypt at all.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid deflection mission seeks ideas

1-16-2013 | 37

The European Space Agency is appealing for ideas for a future mission to study asteroid deflection.

Archaeology & History

Otzi the iceman was native to Central Europe

11-13-2012 | 10

New findings have shown that Otzi was very much like other Stone Age farmers found throughout Europe.

Space & Astronomy

Europe and China may conduct joint missions

9-13-2012 | 3

European astronauts could be hitching a lift in to space aboard Chinese rockets within a decade.

Nature & Environment

Tiny snail spreading across the globe

9-6-2012 | 7

The miniscule New Zealand mudsnail has been found in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

Space & Astronomy

Europe to send lander to the Moon

 VIDEO  7-30-2012 | 7

The European Space Agency's Lunar Lander mission will aim to land a robot on the surface in 2018.

Space & Astronomy

Europe selects 'Juice' Jupiter mission

5-3-2012 | 11

The European Space Agency is to send a 1bn-Euro space probe to visit Jupiter and its icy moons.

Nature & Environment

Climate change tree testing begins

3-30-2012 | 5

Scientists in Europe are attempting to determine which trees will thrive during predicted climate change.

Archaeology & History

Did the Portuguese discover Australia?

1-18-2012 | 8

Discovery on beach may help prove the Portuguese were first Europeans in Australia.

Space & Astronomy

Europe ends calls to stranded Mars probe

12-4-2011 | 5

The odds of a recovery for Russia's Phobos-Grunt Mars probe are looking increasingly bleak.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery radiation detected across Europe

11-13-2011 | 29

Nuclear officials are trying to locate the source of mysterious radiation picked up in Europe this week.

Space & Astronomy

ESA planning ambitious mission to the Sun

10-5-2011 | 11

The European Space Agency will send a spacecraft to within 42 million km of our star.

Science & Technology

15-year-old girl receives bionic fingers

8-21-2011 | 8

Chloe Holmes is the youngest person in Europe to receive the artificial fingers costing 38,000.

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