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Prehistoric carnivorous 'terror beast' worm fossils unearthed in Greenland

1-5-2024 | 2

Over 500 million years ago, these huge predatory worms prowled the Cambrian seas.

Science & Technology

50 lakes found hidden under Greenland's ice

6-27-2019 | 4

Scientists have identified more than 50 bodies of water hidden deep beneath Greenland's ice sheet.

Science & Technology

Huge impact crater discovered in Greenland

 VIDEO  11-15-2018 | 53

For the first time ever, scientists have found an impact crater beneath one of the Earth's continental ice sheets.

Nature & Environment

Rare footage shows elusive Greenland shark

 VIDEO  3-1-2018 | 9

Two scientists have succeeded in recording very rare footage of the notoriously elusive Greenland shark.

Nature & Environment

Greenland shark thought to be 512 years old

12-14-2017 | 10

Marine biologists have identified what could potentially be the world's oldest living vertebrate.

Nature & Environment

Greenland sharks live for at least 272 years

8-13-2016 | 21

These carnivorous ocean-dwellers are now thought to be the longest-lived vertebrates on the planet.

Science & Technology

Greenland's vanishing lakes mystery solved

6-5-2015 | 4

Scientists have found what is causing billions of gallons of water to drain out within a matter of hours.

World of the Bizarre

Man plans to spend year living on an iceberg

 VIDEO  4-18-2015 | 24

Adventurer Alex Bellini will live inside a special survival pod on top of an iceberg in Greenland.

Science & Technology

'Grand Canyon' found under Greenland ice

9-2-2013 | 15

A vast chasm has been discovered beneath an ice sheet in Greenland that rivals the Grand Canyon.

Archaeology & History

Why did Viking settlers leave Greenland ?

1-14-2013 | 22

Viking settlements in Greenland persisted for over 500 years, so why did they decide to leave ?

Modern Mysteries

Scott's wrecked ship Terra Nova discovered

8-19-2012 | 6

The ship used by Captain Robert Scott on his doomed trip to Antarctica has been located off Greenland.

Science & Technology

Greenland ice melt accelerating rapidly

7-25-2012 | 70

The amount of Greenland's ice sheet that has melted this month has reached unprecedented levels.

Science & Technology

Scientist 'gob-smacked' at glacier break-up

9-6-2011 | 22

A massive glacier in Greenland has broken up almost completely within the space of just two years.


Cold snap drove Vikings from Greenland

6-2-2011 | 6

Extreme climate changes caused the Vikings to abandon their homeland in search of warmer weather.

Nature & Environment

Huge ice island breaks from Greenland glacier

8-9-2010 | 41

A massive island of ice four times the size of Manhatten has broken off from one of Greenland's two main glaciers.

Science & Technology

Microbe wakes up after 120,000 years

6-16-2009 | 14

Microbes locked within the ice in Greenland for 120,000 years have awoken, the new species of bacteria was found 2 miles...

Nature & Environment

Global warming creating bigger spiders ?

5-9-2009 | 13

A new report based on a study of wolf spiders in Greenland has revealed that one of the lesser known downsides of global...

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