Monday, December 5, 2022
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The UFO Phenomenon

First-ever archive center of UFO material to be set up in the US

11-28-2022 | 7

The center will contain the largest ever archive dedicated to the preservation and centralization of UFO-related material.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Lost Ghost Photographs' series has now launched on our Patreon

11-10-2022 | 3

Every week we will be posting up an exclusive set of hand-picked images from the archives of our late sister site.


Group sues Biden and National Archives over JFK assassination files

10-21-2022 | 43

The Mary Ferrell Foundation is attempting to force the release of 16,000 records relating to JFK's murder.

Nature & Environment

Beekeeper removes giant hive from under shed

 VIDEO  3-15-2021 | 7

A recent viral video shows beekeeper Erika Thompson uncovering a huge beehive beneath a garden shed.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Unseen footage of thylacine cub unearthed

 VIDEO  12-16-2020 | 9

Researchers have been scouring Australia's archives for long-lost video clips of the extinct Tasmanian tiger.


'Tesla was from Venus' claims FBI document

9-22-2020 | 53

A rather peculiar claim concerning Nikola Tesla has been found in the archives of the FBI's official website.

Modern Mysteries

Netflix posts up 'Unsolved Mysteries' evidence

7-15-2020 | 4

Amateur sleuths have been poring over a Google Drive archive of evidence pertaining to the show's new cases.

The UFO Phenomenon

Britain's 'X-Files' set to be published this year

1-27-2020 | 0

The Royal Air Force (RAF) has announced that it will be releasing its archive of recent UFO reports to the public.

The UFO Phenomenon

University in bid to digitize new UFO archive

12-16-2019 | 1

A private collection of 30,000 UFO documents and reports has been donated to the University of Manitoba.

Modern Mysteries

Is Greta Thunberg in a 120-year-old photo ?

11-18-2019 | 52

A girl who happens to look uncannily like the young activist has been spotted in an old archive photograph.


Vatican's 'secret archives' are no longer secret

10-29-2019 | 19

A vast repository of manuscripts dating back over a thousand years has been officially renamed by the Pope.

Ghosts & Hauntings

DIA staff: 'Wellington Archives are haunted'

10-13-2019 | 2

New Zealand's Department of Internal Affairs has been plagued by reports of ghosts, according to internal files.

Metaphysics & Psychology

World's largest occult library heads online

8-29-2019 | 48

A vast library of more than 25,000 occult texts has been scanned and published on the Internet for free.


What did people think about aliens in the '60s ?

 VIDEO  8-18-2019 | 15

Amusing archive footage has highlighted how attitudes on the topic of alien life have changed over the years.

Nature & Environment

'Miracle' as bees survive Notre Dame blaze

 VIDEO  4-20-2019 | 8

Three hives containing a population of over 180,000 bees were left unscathed by this week's devastating fire.

Archaeology & History

Lost Merlin and King Arthur tale discovered

2-4-2019 | 15

The seven hand-written parchment fragments were found in the archives of Bristol's central library.

Modern Mysteries

Old Winchester Mystery House photo found

3-24-2018 | 11

An old photo of what is thought to be the house's original foundation has been discovered in a local archive.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Silpho Saucer' mystery solved after 60 years

2-8-2018 | 8

A miniature UFO that allegedly crashed in Yorkshire in 1957 has been rediscovered inside a museum archive.

Modern Mysteries

Does new photo prove Amelia Earhart survived?

7-7-2017 | 32

A photograph pulled from the National Archives appears to show Earhart at a dock on the Marshall Islands.

The UFO Phenomenon

UK UFO files have finally been released

6-24-2017 | 15

The National Archives has published a collection of 15 Ministry of Defence files on the subject of UFOs.

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