Thursday, June 8, 2023
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Archaeology & History

Mystery burials in Italy may be explained by fear of 'revenants'

2-8-2023 | 2

Archaeologists have shed possible new light on the nature of some enigmatic burials found in the ruins of a Roman villa.


Priests conduct nine-hour exorcism in Italy

12-17-2021 | 35

The Italian media is reporting on a particularly lengthy exorcism that required the attention of four priests.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery surrounds 'man of Etna' found dead in remote cave

11-14-2021 | 4

Police in Italy have discovered the remains of a man who is thought to have died over 50 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Stunning Roman mosaic floor unearthed in Italy

5-29-2020 | 2

Surveyors working on a vineyard in northern Italy have discovered a remarkably well-preserved Roman mosaic.

Archaeology & History

Huge pot of gold found under Italian theater

9-12-2018 | 6

Archaeologists in Italy have unearthed a broken soapstone amphora containing hundreds of gold coins.

Science & Technology

Italian supervolcano's magma source found

9-18-2017 | 4

Scientists have discovered evidence of a 'hot zone' feeding a supervolcano in southern Italy.

Archaeology & History

Mystery Leonardo da Vinci 'relics' discovered

4-21-2017 | 3

Researchers in Italy have located two undisclosed 'relics' that once belonged to da Vinci himself.

World of the Bizarre

Crowds attend Italy's 'Battle of the Oranges'

 VIDEO  3-3-2017 | 3

Thousands of people turned out last week to throw oranges at one another in the streets of Ivrea.

World of the Bizarre

Italian town unveils working wine fountain

 VIDEO  10-21-2016 | 4

Installed in Ortona, Abruzzo, the fountain offers an inexhaustible supply of wine to thirsty visitors.

Ghosts & Hauntings

60% of widowed people see lost loved ones

3-13-2016 | 70

A new study in Italy has suggested that it is not uncommon to see, hear or sense a deceased partner.


Russian man aims to prove US moon landings

10-8-2015 | 43

Vitaly Yegorov has managed to raise over 1 million rubles online to fund a new lunar satellite mission.

Science & Technology

Food crops grown in underwater biospheres

 VIDEO  7-6-2015 | 3

A new way of growing food underwater is being tested out beneath the Bay of Noli in Savona, Italy.

The UFO Phenomenon

Sparkling 'angelic' UFO filmed over Italy

 VIDEO  7-14-2014 | 175

A strange cluster of bright objects flying in formation has been caught on video over Milan.

Archaeology & History

Tomb of 'Dracula' discovered in Naples

6-14-2014 | 31

The alleged tomb of the infamous 16th century tryant Vlad the Impaler has been uncovered in Italy.


Did an earthquake create the Turin Shroud ?

2-12-2014 | 37

Scientists in Italy believe that the image of Christ on the shroud may have been caused by an earthquake.

Archaeology & History

Ancient Roman shipwreck discovered

8-15-2012 | 19

A Roman trading ship from the 1st century BC has been found laden with cargo off the coast of Italy.

Science & Technology

Is there a Super Volcano in Italy ?

8-6-2012 | 22

Scientists are planning to drill down near Naples to determine if a huge magma chamber exists there.

Archaeology & History

Mona Lisa's skeleton found ?

7-20-2012 | 29

A complete skeleton discovered beneath a nunnery in Italy could belong to the Mona Lisa herself.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFOs filmed over Mt. Bisbino in Italy

1-9-2012 | 83

Footage taken over Italy that shows two objects moving in the sky has been doing the rounds this week.


New study claims Turin Shroud is authentic

12-21-2011 | 75

Scientists in Italy have claimed that the mysterious shroud couldn't have been forged in medieval times.

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