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Priests conduct nine-hour exorcism in Italy

December 17, 2021 | Comment icon 31 comments

Exorcisms are still conducted in some parts of the world. Image Credit: Public Domain
The Italian media is reporting on a particularly lengthy exorcism that required the attention of four priests.
While you might be forgiven for thinking that the exorcism is a concept relegated to the annals of history, these controversial rituals can and do still happen, even in developed nations where belief in demonic possession and the power of exorcists to remove them is still a very real thing indeed.

Earlier this month, the Italian media reported on the case of a young woman who had begun to exhibit violent and 'blasphemous' behavior that her mother had put down to 'demonic influence'.

She was taken to the Church of St. Mary of Mount Berico in Northern Italy where she remained for some nine hours and was subjected to an arduous exorcism ritual involving four priests.

"It was frightening, horrible, also because it alternated three different voices," a witness stated.
Soon enough, reports of screams from within the church prompted calls to the police, resulting in the arrival of two patrols and an ambulance crew, however they all chose to remain outside.

According to reports, the girl fell asleep at around 8:30 in the evening, which the priests interpreted as a sign that the demonic influence had finally been exorcised from her.

She was then bundled into a car so that she could be taken home.

The biggest problem with cases like this is the fact that it is quite possible - as the girl's father believed - that she was suffering from mental illness and was not 'possessed' as her mother had claimed.

If so, undergoing a ritual like this is not likely to have helped her one bit.

Source: Il Giornale di Vicenza | Comments (31)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by OverSword 5 months ago
If they did I wonder if the church would allow itís release? †Or if the state would as itís subject is a little kid. Iíve experienced a few weird things in my life which make me reluctant to dismiss this kind phenomenon being simply superstition or misdiagnosis.
Comment icon #23 Posted by Helen of Annoy 5 months ago
I hope they'll say no one recorded anything. Because this girl needs her privacy even more than the rest of us.† It wouldn't make anyone change their mind, it wouldn't be the Proof, but the publicity would drive the family, the priests and the neighbours legitimately insane.† †
Comment icon #24 Posted by OverSword 5 months ago
I bet the Vatican may prefer it to be recorded in order to review the actions and decisions †of their priests†
Comment icon #25 Posted by Helen of Annoy 5 months ago
Maggot cheese is not a delicacy you'll routinely find in Italian shops. It's not even legal anymore, I think † And it's just rotten cheese. When neighbours want to offend Italians, we accuse them of eating cats. I know a number of Italians, I've got Italians in my family, but none has or would ever try maggot cheese - or cats. None is overly religious either, but Catholicism is inseparable part of tradition both in Italy and in my country. It's a part of national identities. It can be interpreted in various ways, but the point is, Italians don't routinely expect a demonic possession. People wh... [More]
Comment icon #26 Posted by Helen of Annoy 5 months ago
I don't doubt in the slightest that it will be reviewed. A lot.† Vatican doesn't encourage superstitious behaviour. I know, I know, any religion is just superstition for so-called skeptics, but there's big and visible difference between official religious practices and throwing spectacles.†† Seeing too many demons around is superstition by Church's criteria and I happen to agree with that. Not that there are no demons literally driving people like vehicles, in my own opinion, but they do it in much less spectacular way.††
Comment icon #27 Posted by jmccr8 5 months ago
Hi OverSeord I would tend to agree that they did for the sake of any liability and for study but not likely that they would share it unless it was due to a court order if charges were ever brought forward†
Comment icon #28 Posted by pallidin 5 months ago
Yes, what he ^^^†said. Sounds right.
Comment icon #29 Posted by papageorge1 4 months ago
I believe exorcisms can indeed be helpful under knowledgeable agencies like the Catholic Church. This article tells us next to nothing and I would have liked to hear the involved clergies take on the case.
Comment icon #30 Posted by HSlim 26 days ago
Yeah, I'm with the girl's father on this one.†
Comment icon #31 Posted by Desertrat56 26 days ago
After this I suspect the abuse has been by her mother.

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