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Space & Astronomy

Newly upgraded LIGO is back on the hunt for gravitational waves

5-23-2023 | 0

The Laser Interferometric Gravitational-Wave Observatory had been offline for the last three years for upgrades.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery of weird green lasers over Hawaii has now been solved

 VIDEO  2-13-2023 | 14

A series of green laser beams descending from the sky appeared over the islands of Hawaii back on January 28th.

Science & Technology

Scientists have found a way to steer lightning using lasers

1-23-2023 | 3

A new study has demonstrated the possibility of using laser beams to redirect the path of lightning strikes.

Space & Astronomy

Russian space laser could blind spy satellites

7-30-2022 | 3

Russia is reportedly working on a ground-based laser weapon capable of interfering with satellites in space.

Archaeology & History

Ancient rock formation is split perfectly in two

 VIDEO  9-17-2021 | 25

The 4,000-year-old rock formation known as Al Naslaa is split so perfectly that it almost looks laser cut.

Science & Technology

Nuclear fusion laser experiment breaks record

8-22-2021 | 0

Scientists have succeeded in producing a record-breaking burst of energy using lasers and nuclear fusion.

Science & Technology

USAF to fit its fighter jets with laser weapons

11-15-2020 | 4

A number of older fighter jets will be fitted out with defensive laser weapons by the mid 2020s.

Science & Technology

US Special Forces can ID your heartbeat

 VIDEO  7-5-2019 | 7

The Pentagon has developed a device capable of identifying someone from their cardiac signature.

Science & Technology

Real-life 'Death Star' laser vaporizes matter

 VIDEO  5-9-2019 | 9

Scientists in Romania have built the world's most powerful laser with an output of over 10 petawatts.


Astronomer proposes ET 'halo drive' concept

3-17-2019 | 11

A new theory suggests that aliens could fire lasers at black holes to help propel their ships through space.


Laser 'beacon' could be used to attract aliens

11-6-2018 | 77

A new MIT study has proposed a way to not only attract alien astronomers, but also to communicate with them.

Science & Technology

China develops working 'Star Wars' laser gun

7-5-2018 | 17

The futuristic new weapon is capable of setting fire to targets from a distance of over half a mile away.

Science & Technology

Military laser creates voices out of thin air

 VIDEO  3-24-2018 | 15

The Pentagon has been working on a new non-lethal weapon that can make people hear voices and sounds.

Space & Astronomy

Could giant lasers shoot down space debris ?

1-15-2018 | 7

A new study by researchers in China has put forward a novel new way of tackling the problem of space junk.

Science & Technology

World's most powerful X-ray laser unveiled

 VIDEO  9-1-2017 | 3

The European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) is able to recreate the conditions found inside the Sun.

Science & Technology

Laser beam is 'as bright as a billion suns'

6-26-2017 | 12

The high-powered Diocles Laser in Nebraska is changing the way that scientists look at the universe.

Science & Technology

Scientists create 1,000-watt 'super laser'

1-25-2017 | 11

The impressive invention is reportedly around ten times as powerful as any other laser of its kind.

Science & Technology

UK military is now developing laser weapons

1-5-2017 | 12

A new Ministry of Defence project is aiming to test out the benefits of 'directed energy' technology.

Science & Technology

Man creates a monster 200W 'laser bazooka'

 VIDEO  7-1-2016 | 7

A madcap laser junkie has created a device that is 33 million times brighter than the surface of the sun.

Space & Astronomy

NASA is working on laser-based propulsion

2-22-2016 | 74

A new type of propulsion system could see lasers being used to 'push' a spacecraft up to great speeds.

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