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Science & Technology

Laser guns on ships 'within 4 years'

4-1-2012 | 29

Senior Navy technologists have claimed that working laser cannons will be in service very soon.

Science & Technology

Doctor claims he can turn brown eyes blue

11-4-2011 | 42

Dr Gregg Homer claims that his laser based Lumineyes technology can turn brown eyes blue permanently.

Science & Technology

Laser beams could be used to create rain

9-1-2011 | 17

Scientists may soon be able to make it rain by firing laser beams in to the air to create water droplets.

Science & Technology

Laser is produced by a living cell

6-14-2011 | 7

A new method of creating laser light from a single cell may help improve light-based therapies.


West Texas paintings to get laser study

6-5-2011 | 2

A prehistoric painting in West Texas is getting the laser treatment for study and preservation purposes.

Science & Technology

Viking woman's face reconstructed

4-14-2011 | 43

Academics have managed to reconstruct the face of a viking woman by laser scanning her skull in 3d.

Archaeology & History

Laser scans Stonehenge for its secrets

3-11-2011 | 8

Archaeologists are scanning Stonehenge with lasers hoping to find clues to how it was constructed.

Science & Technology

Scientists invent the 'anti-laser'

2-18-2011 | 23

Scientists have developed a device that can absorb the light from a laser rather than emitting it.

Science & Technology

Invisible beam to break up prison fights

2-13-2011 | 21

A new device that can fire a harmless laser-like beam could be rolled out in prisons to break up fights.

Science & Technology

Laser cannons to fight off pirates

1-10-2011 | 46

British engineers are developing laser cannons to defend against pirates trying to board ships.

Science & Technology

Laser camera takes photos around corners

11-20-2010 | 3

A new camera has been developed that is able to take pictures around corners by using lasers.

Science & Technology

Scientists develop "tractor beam"

9-10-2010 | 8

Like something out of Star Trek scientists have succeeded in developing a functional tractor beam using lasers.

Science & Technology

US Navy laser weapon shoots down drones

7-20-2010 | 20

The US Navy has successfully tested a laser weapon that is capable of shooting down aircraft.

Science & Technology

Lasers could 'sense' hidden explosives

6-8-2010 | 3

British scientists have developed a technology based on lasers that can detect hidden explosives.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO sightings linked to experiment in Wales ?

5-31-2010 | 6

An experiment using lasers to try and communicate with aliens may account for UFO sightings last month.

Archaeology & History

Massive Maya city revealed by lasers

5-24-2010 | 23

Lasers have been used to peer through the rain forests and reveal an ancient Maya metropolis in western Belize.

Science & Technology

The laser celebrates its 50th birthday

5-12-2010 | 2

When it was invented 50 years ago the laser was a "solution looking for a problem", nowadays it can be found everywhere.

Science & Technology

Laser tractor beams could clear space debris

5-1-2010 | 4

A new tractor beam technology based on laser thruster engines could be used to clear space debris from orbit.

Science & Technology

Massive laser to trigger nuclear fusion reaction

2-1-2010 | 11

Later this year the world's most powerful laser will attempt to achieve a self sustaning nuclear fusion reaction.

Science & Technology

Space power zapped from space by lasers

11-10-2009 | 6

In an ambitious new project that could take over 20 years to complete Japan are aiming to collect solar power in orbit a...

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