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Science & Technology

CERN scientists make antimatter breakthrough

12-22-2016 | 52

A team at the CERN facility near Geneva, Switzerland have been experimenting with antihydrogen atoms.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious object appears on trail camera

 VIDEO  10-7-2016 | 79

The photographs seem to show an anomalous object appearing and disappearing within a matter of seconds.

Science & Technology

'Exotic matter' trio win physics Nobel Prize

10-4-2016 | 5

Three British physicists have been awarded a Nobel Prize for their work on strange forms of matter.

Space & Astronomy

'Ghost' galaxy is almost entirely dark matter

8-28-2016 | 3

An enigmatic galaxy known as Dragonfly 44 is believed to be comprised of 99.99 percent dark matter.

Science & Technology

Major project fails to detect dark matter

7-21-2016 | 52

Scientists have shut down their state-of-the-art dark matter detector after it failed to find anything.

Science & Technology

NASA develops new 'self-healing' material

 VIDEO  9-2-2015 | 10

The sophisticated new material is capable of healing all on its own within a matter of seconds.

World of the Bizarre

Man hiccuped non-stop for over 68 years

6-24-2015 | 4

Charles Osborne started hiccuping in 1922 and was unable to find a solution no matter what he tried.

Science & Technology

Greenland's vanishing lakes mystery solved

6-5-2015 | 4

Scientists have found what is causing billions of gallons of water to drain out within a matter of hours.

Science & Technology

Did dark matter kill the dinosaurs ?

2-23-2015 | 29

Scientists have suggested that dark matter might be the main culprit in mass extinction events.

Science & Technology

Dark matter may be much lighter than thought

2-2-2015 | 14

Researchers have proposed a new theory that may be the key to understanding the nature of dark matter.

Science & Technology

Scientists build 'real-life teleporter'

 VIDEO  1-24-2015 | 18

Engineers in Germany have built the first step towards a matter transporter like those seen in Star Trek.

Space & Astronomy

Dark energy may be devouring dark matter

11-3-2014 | 16

The mysterious dark energy that permeates the universe may be causing dark matter to evaporate.

Space & Astronomy

Dark matter may be streaming from the sun

10-18-2014 | 10

British scientists believe that they may have finally found the first direct evidence of dark matter.

World of the Bizarre

Boy drains entire pond to find his iPhone

8-4-2014 | 39

A boy in Germany took matters in to his own hands when he lost his phone during a fishing trip.

Space & Astronomy

Mysterious signal detected in Perseus Cluster

6-26-2014 | 9

Originating 240 million light years away, the signal could be the best evidence yet of dark matter.

Science & Technology

New study warns of impending global collapse

3-17-2014 | 92

A new scientific study has suggested that modern civilization may collapse within a matter of decades.

Space & Astronomy

Did dark matter wipe out the dinosaurs ?

3-11-2014 | 45

Could a disc of dark matter on the galactic plane have triggered an apocalyptic asteroid impact ?

Science & Technology

Is there dark matter around the Earth ?

1-4-2014 | 61

New research suggests that the Earth may be heavier than believed due to the presence of dark matter.

Science & Technology

CERN runs new anti-gravity experiment

12-1-2013 | 2

Physicists at CERN are attempting to test whether or not antimatter has anti-gravitational properties.

Modern Mysteries

Art Bell's radio show ends after just 6 weeks

11-5-2013 | 25

The popular paranormal radio host's show 'Dark Matter' has disappeared from SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

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