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The UFO Phenomenon

MI6 unit recovered 'non-human' craft 40 years ago, claims ex-paratrooper

3-20-2024 | 34

A former British Special Forces paratrooper claims that the UK military captured a crashed alien spacecraft in the 1980s.

Modern Mysteries

Military fighter jets intercept mystery balloon high over United States

 VIDEO  2-24-2024 | 34

NORAD has been tracking an unknown high-altitude balloon that was first spotted on Friday.

Space & Astronomy

US military's secretive X-37b space plane spotted in high orbit

2-11-2024 | 4

The details of the vehicle's latest mission are top secret, but that hasn't stopped an amateur astronomer from locating it.

World of the Bizarre

Police called out after inert nuclear missile found in man's garage

2-3-2024 | 14

The authorities were alerted after the owner of the missile attempted to donate it to a military museum.

The UFO Phenomenon

US military base UFOs could be next-generation Chinese drones

 VIDEO  1-24-2024 | 24

Former UFO chief Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick has offered up a possible explanation for some military UAP sightings.

The UFO Phenomenon

Mysterious 'jellyfish' UFO filmed floating over US military base

 VIDEO  1-13-2024 | 62

The object, which was only visible using thermal imaging cameras, seemed to have appendages dangling from its underside.

The UFO Phenomenon

Proposed UAP bill would allow civilian pilots to report UFO sightings

1-12-2024 | 0

The bipartisan legislation would expand existing military UFO reporting mechanisms to include civilian pilots and air crews.

Science & Technology

Surgeons successfully conduct world's first whole-eye transplant

11-11-2023 | 4

Military veteran Aaron James had lost his eye and half of his face in a high-voltage electrical accident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Dozens of marines witnessed UFO over military base back in 2021

 VIDEO  5-24-2023 | 102

New footage has emerged of a 'silent triangle' that was observed by marines stationed at a military base in California.

Space & Astronomy

Mystery Russian satellite is 'stalking' US military satellite

4-28-2023 | 13

There is evidence to suggest that the satellite - named Kosmos-2558 - is tailing a confidential US satellite.

Space & Astronomy

UK military opens first space command center

8-2-2021 | 1

The new center will help the UK to maintain its interests and achieve a 'battle-winning advantage' in space.

The UFO Phenomenon

US military has evidence of supersonic UFOs

3-22-2021 | 64

Former intelligence chief John Ratcliffe claims that the US has evidence of objects moving at extreme speeds.

The UFO Phenomenon

The Rendlesham UFO - a nuclear connection ?

11-11-2020 | 10

Could the objects witnessed by military personnel at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 have been there for the nukes ?

The UFO Phenomenon

Japanese military instructed on UFO response

9-15-2020 | 4

Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono has instructed the country's military on how to respond to a UFO incident.

The UFO Phenomenon

Revisited: the Loring AFB UFO incursions

8-29-2020 | 3

Back in 1975, a sensitive military base on US soil was visited by a number of objects on consecutive nights.

Space & Astronomy

Pentagon to build first military space station ?

7-19-2020 | 18

The US Space Force is reportedly working on plans for an experimental outpost in orbit around the Earth.

Space & Astronomy

X-37B set to launch on new mystery mission

5-9-2020 | 0

The US military's secretive space plane is due to launch on May 16th with a cargo full of experiments.

Space & Astronomy

US Space Force acquires first offensive weapon

4-27-2020 | 0

The newest branch of the US military has taken delivery of its first weapon, but it's probably not what you think.

Space & Astronomy

First US Space Force satellite has launched

 VIDEO  3-27-2020 | 3

A 'jam-proof' communications satellite for the newest branch of the US military has successfully launched.

Science & Technology

Authorities baffled by fleet of mystery drones

12-27-2019 | 74

A fleet of drones has been making regular appearances over the last week and even the US military is mystified.

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