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Dozens of marines witnessed UFO over military base back in 2021

By T.K. Randall
May 24, 2023 · Comment icon 102 comments

One of several images captured of the object. Image Credit: YouTube / Jeremy Corbell
New footage has emerged of a 'silent triangle' that was observed by marines stationed at a military base in California.
The incident, which was brought to light on a recent episode of Jeremy Corbell's 'Weaponized' podcast, occurred over the Twentynine Palms military base, California back in 2021.

Several dozen marines came outside to watch and film the phenomenon as it hovered silently over the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Camp Wilson for around 10 minutes.

"We all came out and looked... those lights appeared out of nowhere," said one marine.

"[People] were just kind of baffled. Nobody could recognize it."
The soldiers were adamant that the lights were not flares, noting that they were familiar with what flares looked like and that this was definitely something else.

"This was something none of us had ever seen before," another of the marines said.

You can check out the footage for yourself below as part of the podcast.

The clip starts at around 42:20 on the video.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #93 Posted by joc 10 months ago
nothing burger
Comment icon #94 Posted by joc 10 months ago
I am not a UFO debunker.  I am a truth seeker.  The truth is found in the laws of physics...not anomalies on radar.
Comment icon #95 Posted by Tom1200 10 months ago
Would that be the same Project Blue Book that you have previously dismissed as lies and cover-up?  Why would you believe anything that bloke says? Have you had a chance to think about post #87?  I'm genuinely baffled how anyone could claim a few lights in the sky are evidence of interplanetary spaceships.  Why would alien spacecraft be covered in silly lights?  What possible purpose would they serve? Why would alien spacecraft hover near military sites?  What might they be doing that couldn't be achieved from orbit? If alien spacecraft actually want to avoid detection why don't they use a... [More]
Comment icon #96 Posted by Golden Duck 10 months ago
There's no proof of that. 
Comment icon #97 Posted by joc 10 months ago
There isn't?  
Comment icon #98 Posted by Golden Duck 10 months ago
Nope. It's in a heliocentric orbit.
Comment icon #99 Posted by joc 10 months ago it is.  Details, details... But thanks for clearing that up.    
Comment icon #100 Posted by skyeagle409 10 months ago
  I have offered proof and challenged you to refute the evidence I have posted. The question is, why have you been unable to post man-made evidence that refutes my extraterrestrial evidence?
Comment icon #101 Posted by joc 10 months ago
 I just did...but you won't accept what is right in front of your face. Remember when I was thinking...hmmm, yeah maybe chemtrails...and you showed me how the jets fly starting in the early am all the way through the evening from coast to coast.  Thousands of  intersecting lines.  So I learned from all that that contrails disperse depending on the altitude, temperature, etc. So let's go back to the contrails for a moment.  Now, pay attention please, because I am answering your challenge for evidence that the UAPs are man-made.   Jets...think F-16s...leave in their wake infra-red heat...... [More]
Comment icon #102 Posted by skyeagle409 10 months ago
No you didn't. Perhaps it was abducted by aliens. Nothing there about UAPs. Okay. Let's see what you got. Just to let you know, there are radars that can differentiate between birds, aircraft types, UAPs, and atmospheric phenomenon. Correct me if I am wrong, are you attributing contrails to UAPs in the following videos?          

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