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Police called out after inert nuclear missile found in man's garage

By T.K. Randall
February 3, 2024 · Comment icon 14 comments
Inert nuclear missile found in a garage.
The missile was a little worse for wear. Image Credit: Bellevue Police Department.
The authorities were alerted after the owner of the missile attempted to donate it to a military museum.
It's not unusual to find old car parts, rusted bicycles, old boxes and other junk stuffed away at the back of someone's garage. To find a nuclear missile, on the other hand, is a different story altogether.

When a man in Bellevue, Washington recently offered to donate an inert nuclear missile to a military museum in Ohio, the first thing the museum did was call the police.

When officers arrived at the donor's home, they discovered that there really was an old rusted nuclear missile in the man's garage - though fortunately it was missing its nuclear warhead.

The bomb squad was even called to the property to ensure that there was no danger to the public.
According to a blog post on the Bellevue Police Department's website, the donor of the missile had actually acquired it from his deceased neighbor who had bought it at an estate sale.

"Bomb squad members inspected the object and then learned that it was in fact a Douglas AIR-2 Genie (previous designation MB-1), an unguided air-to-air rocket that is designed to carry a 1.5 kt W25 nuclear warhead," the department wrote. "There was no warhead attached."

The donor himself was reportedly "extremely irritated" by all the media coverage received.

"Because the item was inert and the military did not request it back, police left the item with the neighbour to be restored for display in a museum," the department wrote.

Source: BBC News | Comments (14)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Piney 5 months ago
"Bigger hammer" logic never works unless you want to hurt yourself too.
Comment icon #6 Posted by godnodog 5 months ago
mindset: "A win is a win", 
Comment icon #7 Posted by Scholar4Truth 5 months ago
Comment icon #8 Posted by Nicolette 5 months ago
Poor guy was just trying to donate it and they sent the police... rude.
Comment icon #9 Posted by and-then 5 months ago
If anyone would like to learn just how close and how often we almost blew ourselves up - COMMAND AND CONTROL by Eric Schlosser.  There's also a little ghost story included after a silo fire in Arkansas.  As ghost stories go, it was pretty chilling but not as disturbing as the reality of how many times we almost lost it all.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Nicolette 5 months ago  Just visited an old missile silo the other day. A lot of ghost stories there too and still a danger. Here is a video dropping a coin in it lol
Comment icon #11 Posted by Hawken 5 months ago
If a UFO did shut down missile bases in Montana and other places. It's apparent someone doesn't want children playing with a loaded gun. 
Comment icon #12 Posted by psyche101 5 months ago
Finally found one of those WMDs hey...... 
Comment icon #13 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats 5 months ago
Comment icon #14 Posted by Antigonos 5 months ago
Reminds me of the old man in HOT FUZZ that had an old sea mine in his shed.

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