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Space & Astronomy

Milky Way has the mass of 700 billion suns

6-1-2016 | 5

Scientists have managed to calculate the mass using a new technique involving globular clusters.

Space & Astronomy

Giant gas cloud is heading towards our galaxy

 VIDEO  1-30-2016 | 6

The cloud of gas will trigger an explosion of star formation but will take 30 million years to get here.

Space & Astronomy

Wormhole may exist at center of our galaxy

1-22-2015 | 34

A new study has opened up the possibility that the center of our galaxy is actually a massive wormhole.

Space & Astronomy

Milky Way has 100 million life-giving planets

6-9-2014 | 132

A group of astronomers has estimated the number of habitable planets in our galaxy for the first time.

Space & Astronomy

£2bn Gaia space probe successfully launches

12-20-2013 | 7

The European probe has embarked on an ambitious 5-year mission to map our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

Nature & Environment

Dung beetles navigate via the Milky Way

1-25-2013 | 19

In a world first, dung beetles are thought to use our own Milky Way galaxy to orient themselves.


How many alien civilizations are there ?

12-6-2012 | 184

How likely is it that we will find an advanced alien civilization within our own Milky Way galaxy ?

Space & Astronomy

Is the Sun surrounded by dark matter ?

8-12-2012 | 10

University of Zurich researchers have made the claim after building a simulation of the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

Andromedia galaxy to collide with Milky Way

6-1-2012 | 25

NASA astronomers have announced that the nearest galaxy is on a collision course with our own.


500m planets in our galaxy could support life

2-21-2011 | 45

Data from NASA's Kepler telescope suggests there are 50 billion planets in the Milky Way.

Space & Astronomy

Dwarf galaxy lurking just outside Milky Way

1-16-2011 | 12

The invisible 'Galaxy X' is thought to contain an overwhelming amount of dark matter.

Space & Astronomy

Alien worlds spotted outside our galaxy

11-5-2009 | 10

A University student has discovered evidence of extrasolar planets outside of our own galaxy, up until now scientists ha...

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