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Science & Technology

Scientists use mosquitos to deliver experimental malaria vaccine

10-1-2022 | 2

A lab-based experiment saw volunteers receive a dose of a new malaria vaccine using mosquitos instead of syringes.

Science & Technology

Release of 750M GM mosquitoes gets approval

 VIDEO  8-21-2020 | 19

The experimental release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes has been given the go-ahead.

Science & Technology

750M GM mosquitoes to be released in Florida

6-19-2020 | 19

A plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes has been condemned as a 'Jurassic Park experiment'.

Science & Technology

Mutant mosquitoes could wipe out malaria

2-18-2019 | 6

Two geneticists have been working on a plan to use genetic modification to stop the disease from spreading.

Nature & Environment

Swarms of mosquitoes descend on Taganrog

 VIDEO  8-30-2018 | 3

Residents of the Russian city of Taganrog have been inundated with huge swarms of winged insects this week.

Nature & Environment

'World's largest mosquito' discovered in China

 VIDEO  4-25-2018 | 23

A Chinese entomologist found the insect, which has a wingspan of 11.5cm, during a field trip last year.

Nature & Environment

Scientists find that mosquitoes can be trained

1-26-2018 | 4

A new experiment has revealed that mosquitoes are able to remember when a person tries to swat them.

Modern Mysteries

Did the Nazis develop a biological weapon ?

2-2-2014 | 6

Recently discovered records suggest that Nazi scientists attempted to use mosquitoes as weapons.


Prehistoric blood-filled mosquito discovered

10-15-2013 | 20

A fossilized mosquito filled with blood has been found that dates back over 46 million years.

Nature & Environment

Who are mosquitoes more likely to bite ?

7-16-2013 | 32

Some people seem to find themselves more prone to being bitten by mosquitoes than others.

Nature & Environment

Why do mosquitoes not die in the rain ?

6-5-2012 | 15

The average raindrop is 50 times bigger than a mosquito, so how do they avoid being killed ?

Science & Technology

GM mosquitoes released in to the wild

11-22-2010 | 23

Genetically modified mosquitoes have been released in to the wild in the Cayman Islands.

Science & Technology

Delivering a 'vaccine' through bites

7-31-2009 | 7

Scientists have carried out an experiment in Europe involving the use of mosquitoes to deliver a malaria vaccine through...

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