Monday, November 28, 2022
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Ghosts & Hauntings

Steven Spielberg believed his DVD of 'Paranormal Activity' was haunted

11-25-2022 | 3

The iconic movie director had his own paranormal experience after watching a pre-release copy of the original 2007 movie.

Nature & Environment

This close-up image of an ant's face is sure to give you nightmares

10-24-2022 | 17

No, this isn't an image of a monster from a fantasy movie... it's a creature that you might find in your own garden.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Found footage horror comedy 'Deadstream' gets an official trailer

 VIDEO  9-14-2022 | 0

A new movie coming out this Halloween season is set to put a unique spin on the found footage formula.

Science & Technology

Sci-fi TV shows offer us a glimpse of future public transport

 VIDEO  8-2-2022 | 3

Vehicles seen in science fiction movies and TV shows might not be quite as far-fetched as they seem.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house sells for $1.525 million

6-1-2022 | 1

Made famous by the hit movie franchise, the real-life inspiration behind 'The Conjuring' has changed hands yet again.

Space & Astronomy

Just how realistic is the movie 'Don't Look Up' ?

 VIDEO  1-17-2022 | 6

The popular Netflix movie might be fictional, but some of it may be closer to reality than we would like to think.

Science & Technology

Creepy robotic head is like Ash from the movie 'Alien'

 VIDEO  12-14-2021 | 4

This super-realistic robotic head is capable of exhibiting a wide range of human emotions.

Space & Astronomy

Russia to beat Tom Cruise in space movie bid

10-11-2021 | 7

A Russian film crew has arrived at the space station with the intention of shooting the first ever movie in space.

Modern Mysteries

Which urban legends inspired 'Candyman' ?

9-2-2021 | 4

The movie sequel is proving to be a hit, but just where did the ideas explored in the film actually originate ?

Ghosts & Hauntings

Exorcist claims movies contain actual demons

3-14-2021 | 60

An exorcist from the Philippines maintains that popular horror movies are a source of actual real-life demons.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Blair Witch' director returns with 'Skyman'

 VIDEO  6-26-2020 | 46

The director of 'The Blair Witch Project' is back with a new found footage movie about an alien visitor.


Ridley Scott hints at third 'Alien' prequel movie

6-6-2020 | 6

The creator of the original science-fiction horror classic 'Alien' is planning to make another entry in the series.

Ghosts & Hauntings

'Poltergeist' movie curse endures 38 years on

6-5-2020 | 9

On June 4th, 1982, this chilling cult-classic horror movie debuted to cinema audiences for the first time.


Raptors did not hunt in packs, new study finds

5-7-2020 | 8

In direct contrast to their depiction in the Jurassic Park movies, velociraptors were not actually pack hunters.

Space & Astronomy

Tom Cruise and NASA to film movie aboard ISS

5-6-2020 | 6

NASA will reportedly be working with actor Tom Cruise to film a movie on the International Space Station.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Real-life 'Conjuring' house to be livestreamed

 VIDEO  5-1-2020 | 19

A week-long livestream of the house made famous by 'The Conjuring' movie is set to begin next weekend.

Science & Technology

'Dr. Strangelove Syndrome' actually exists

 VIDEO  3-29-2020 | 9

Named after the 1964 Stanley Kubrick movie, this very rare condition gives your hands a will of their own.

World of the Bizarre

These 'alien eggs' are not what they seem

3-26-2020 | 2

Images showing a field full of objects resembling eggs from the 'Alien' movie franchise have recently gone viral.

Modern Mysteries

Capt. America to star in Bermuda Triangle movie

3-19-2020 | 1

A major new Hollywood movie will explore the mystery behind the enigmatic Bermuda Triangle.

World of the Bizarre

Punxsutawney Phil emerges for Groundhog Day

 VIDEO  2-2-2020 | 11

Crowds gathered in Pennsylvania today for the annual event made famous by the 1993 Bill Murray movie.

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