Sunday, August 7, 2022
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$1 million offered to prove Turin Shroud forgery claim

4-20-2022 | 5

Filmmaker David Rolfe is challenging the British Museum to recreate the iconic shroud to prove that it is a forgery.


Zoologist was sacked for believing in the Loch Ness Monster

1-2-2022 | 13

New documents have revealed the truth behind the sacking of Dr Denys Tucker from London's Natural History Museum.


Tyrannosaurus rex gets kitted out with a Christmas sweater

12-7-2021 | 1

An animatronic T. rex at the Natural History Museum in London is rocking a festive new look.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Meet 'Scary Mary' - the UK's 'most haunted doll'

 VIDEO  10-31-2021 | 3

A man who owns a haunted museum in England maintains that one of his exhibits is very much the real deal.

Ancient Mysteries

Oldest known drawing of a ghost discovered

10-22-2021 | 1

A depiction of a ghost dating back 3,500 years has been found deep in the vaults of the British Museum.


Artist steals money, calls theft 'work of art'

9-29-2021 | 4

An artist from Denmark did a runner with a museum's cash and then defined the incident itself as 'art'.

The UFO Phenomenon

New UFO exhibit will honor Stanton Friedman

6-4-2021 | 1

The late UFO researcher is to be the subject of a new exhibit at the Fredericton Region Museum in Canada.

Modern Mysteries

Time capsule found in walls of Jewish museum

9-25-2020 | 0

The capsule, which dates back to 1873, was discovered by workers who had been carrying out renovation work.

Ancient Mysteries

Museum's 'Dead Sea Scrolls' are all forgeries

3-14-2020 | 36

16 Dead Sea Scroll fragments on display at the Museum of the Bible in Washington have been exposed as fakes.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Museum 'haunted by ghost of Agatha Christie'

 VIDEO  3-6-2020 | 9

Staff members at a museum in Devon, England maintain that the building is haunted by a familiar specter.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery as museum display case lifts on its own

 VIDEO  12-22-2019 | 17

Perplexing CCTV footage has emerged showing a display case moving up and down all by itself.


Bigfoot museum celebrates 1-year anniversary

 VIDEO  9-18-2019 | 9

The Crossroads of America Bigfoot Museum in Nebraska is perhaps the most quaint of all Bigfoot attractions.


Man cracks safe first time with lucky guess

6-6-2019 | 5

A visitor to a museum in Canada recently guessed the code to a safe that hadn't been opened in decades.


Gigantic prehistoric predatory cat discovered

4-23-2019 | 15

Palaeontologists unexpectedly came across fossil evidence of the creature in a museum drawer in Kenya.

Ancient Mysteries

Dispute erupts over Egyptian pyramid stone

1-16-2019 | 7

Egypt has condemned plans to display a stone from the Great Pyramid of Giza at a museum in Edinburgh.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Visitor encounters 'ghost' on USS Lexington

 VIDEO  8-5-2018 | 7

The World War II-era vessel, which is now a museum, has seen more than its fair share of ghost sightings.


Man with world's longest nails has them cut

 VIDEO  7-13-2018 | 14

After growing them for 66 years, Shridhar Chillal has taken the decision to donate his nails to a museum.

The UFO Phenomenon

'Silpho Saucer' mystery solved after 60 years

2-8-2018 | 8

A miniature UFO that allegedly crashed in Yorkshire in 1957 has been rediscovered inside a museum archive.


Largest known Ichthyosaurus was pregnant

8-28-2017 | 4

Palaeontologists have discovered an enormous Ichthyosaurus specimen in a German museum collection.


Woman taking selfie wrecks $200,000 exhibit

 VIDEO  7-15-2017 | 29

The heart-stopping moment saw an entire row of extremely expensive art pieces collapse like dominoes.

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