Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Space & Astronomy

'Huge diversity' of organic compounds found in Martian meteorite

1-20-2023 | 6

A new study has revealed the presence of a wealth of organic compounds in a rock believed to have come from Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Rover finds organic molecules on the surface of Mars

 VIDEO  12-17-2021 | 2

NASA's Perseverance rover has discovered organic compounds in rocks and dust on the floor of Jezero Crater.

Space & Astronomy

'Complex organic matter' found on asteroids

8-3-2021 | 2

Scientists have identified two unusual asteroids between Mars and Jupiter that shouldn't actually be there.

Space & Astronomy

Fixed nitrogen found inside Martian meteorite

 VIDEO  5-4-2020 | 6

For the first time ever, organic compounds containing nitrogen have been found inside a meteorite from Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Mars organic compounds 'consistent with life'

3-5-2020 | 8

Scientists believe that organic compounds known as thiophenes could be an indicator of life on Mars.


NASA astronaut saw 'alien' in Space Shuttle

8-10-2018 | 11

In a recent Twitter exchange, Leland Melvin described seeing 'something organic/alien-like' in the payload bay.

Space & Astronomy

Large organic molecules found on Enceladus

6-27-2018 | 9

Scientists have determined that Saturn's icy moon has 'all of the basic requirements for life as we know it'.

Space & Astronomy

Ceres turns out to be rich in organic matter

6-15-2018 | 13

Scientists have revealed that the building blocks of life are far more common on Ceres than previously believed.

Space & Astronomy

Curiosity discovers organic matter on Mars

 VIDEO  6-8-2018 | 87

NASA has announced this week that complex organic matter has been found in an ancient lake bed on Mars.

Space & Astronomy

Visiting asteroid has 'strange organic coat'

12-18-2017 | 15

Oumuamua, the first ever confirmed visitor to our solar system, has a thick layer of organic insulation.

Space & Astronomy

Interstellar visitor is red and very dark

11-21-2017 | 73

An asteroid thought to have come from interstellar space is carrying organic carbon-based molecules.

Space & Astronomy

Astronomers discover methanol on Enceladus

7-5-2017 | 11

An unexpectedly high amount of the organic molecule has been found coming from Saturn's icy moon.

Space & Astronomy

Has Curiosity found fatty acid on Mars ?

3-21-2015 | 20

NASA has revealed that the rover has found further evidence of organic molecules on the Red Planet.

Space & Astronomy

Philae discovers organic molecules on comet

11-18-2014 | 209

Rosetta's companion lander made the discovery after sampling and analyzing the comet's atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Organic molecules found in interstellar space

9-28-2014 | 12

Astronomers have identified the first signs of life-bearing chemistry at the center of the galaxy.

Space & Astronomy

Ingredients of life found within stardust

2-6-2014 | 10

Researchers have discovered that organic material may be hitching a ride in interstellar dust particles.

Space & Astronomy

Ice and organic materials found on Mercury

11-30-2012 | 13

NASA's Messenger probe has revealed frozen organic materials on the closest planet to the sun.

Science & Technology

Scientists engineer first 'cyborg' tissue

8-31-2012 | 12

Researchers at Harvard University are blurring the lines between organic and electronic systems.

Space & Astronomy

Is evidence of Mars life below the surface ?

7-10-2012 | 18

Simple organic molecules could be present just a few inches below the soil on the surface of Mars.


Prehistoric reptile skin secrets revealed

3-24-2011 | 4

Scientists have mapped organic compounds in a 50-million year-old reptile skin sample.

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