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The UFO Phenomenon

Indian police officers report UFO sightings near nuclear power plants

3-27-2024 | 20

Something seems to be buzzing nuclear power plants in India and nobody knows what it could be.

Science & Technology

Brain implants: what are the ethical issues of wiring up our minds ?

2-16-2024 | 0

After Neuralink's recent announcement of a successful human trial, brain implants have become a topic of heated debate.

Science & Technology

Head transplant surgeon now thinks brain transplants are feasible

1-17-2023 | 21

Sergio Canavero made headline news a few years ago after planning to perform a head transplant on a disabled patient.

Space & Astronomy

Scientists succeed in growing plants in soil from the Moon

5-23-2022 | 7

The Moon may seem to be a desolate, dead place - but that doesn't mean that things can't grow in its soil under the right conditions.

Science & Technology

Scientists create spinach that can send emails

 VIDEO  2-3-2021 | 8

A recent experiment has produced spinach plants capable of sending information over a network.

Nature & Environment

Plants 'scream' when stressed out, study finds

12-8-2019 | 12

Scientists have discovered that plants emit ultrasonic 'squeals' when stressed due to drought or damage.

Nature & Environment

Biologists clash over plant consciousness

 VIDEO  7-7-2019 | 27

For years, scientists have clashed over whether or not plants possess a form of conscious awareness.

Science & Technology

Mystery mud appears on newly-formed island

 VIDEO  2-5-2019 | 3

A Pacific island that rose from the sea around three years ago has already been colonized by plants and birds.

Science & Technology

Can plants keep you alive in an airtight room?

11-1-2018 | 22

Scientist Kurtis Baute decided to see how long he could last in an airtight cube with only plants to supply oxygen.

Nature & Environment

Plants have a unique way of avoiding sunburn

4-18-2018 | 4

A new study has revealed that plants protect themselves from Sun damage by repairing their own DNA.

Science & Technology

Brain implants could make telepathy a reality

4-2-2018 | 17

A leading surgeon believes that we will gain the ability to read each other's minds within as little as 20 years.


Land plants arrived much earlier than thought

2-20-2018 | 0

It is believed that plants first arose on land 100 million years earlier than previous studies had suggested.

Science & Technology

Glowing trees could replace street lights

 VIDEO  12-16-2017 | 19

By embedding nanoparticles in leaves, scientists at MIT have created plants that glow in the dark.

Nature & Environment

Plants may need to sleep, just like we do

9-21-2017 | 6

A new study has suggested that sleep may actually be fundamental to all life, not just to animals.

Nature & Environment

What is the oldest living thing on Earth ?

6-12-2017 | 24

When it comes to extremely long-lived life forms, trees and plants beat animals hands down every time.

Modern Mysteries

'Mystery gardener' plants trees after dark

3-24-2017 | 21

An unknown individual in Stevenage, UK has been planting trees on a town green under cover of darkness.


World's oldest plant fossil discovered

3-14-2017 | 0

The groundbreaking find pushes back the evolution of complex life forms by another 400 million years.

Science & Technology

Bionic spinach is able to detect explosives

11-1-2016 | 2

Scientists have found a way to transform regular spinach plants in to highly effective bomb detectors.

Nature & Environment

Plants are very good at making decisions

 VIDEO  7-4-2016 | 14

Despite not even having a brain, plants are actually quite adept at making important life choices.

Science & Technology

Memory implants could soon become a reality

3-2-2016 | 18

A leading British scientist has suggested that we may soon have the ability to manipulate memories.

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